Suave as hell

Y’all get that?

Now that I’m back, I’m forming an army to wreak vengeance. If you’re down with the vengeance-wreakage and look good carrying a head on a pike, please apply within.

10 thoughts on “Rebuilding

  1. Yep, it was out of the box plain Twenty Twelve with the prefab assortment of widgets. I thought I’d never get mine back! But I decided to go with this because everyone is saying how much they love this theme, so okay. Feels weird not having a dark blog, though.

  2. A similar thing happened to my Sevilla Tapas blog. One day it reverted to its original Twenty Ten state and I had to re-do all the custom changes. Glitch?

    I do like this theme, but wonder why it says 2009. Cool tentacles.

  3. The staff said they momentarily changed something, and that caused this. WHAT? What could they possibly have changed that did that?

    Where does it say 2009?

  4. Ah, I don’t know. I just snagged the pic off the Internet. As you can see from the slide shows my own camera skills are not up to much at this point.

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