me and the fairies, man. me and the fairies.

me and the fairies, man. me and the fairies.

And we will be back to our irregular posting schedule just as soon as I rid us of this heinous white space and bring back our beloved tentacles.

My jimmies, they remain serene.

13 thoughts on “We’re BAAAAAAAAAAACK!

  1. Oooh, between writing and clicking you’ve been busy, but my computer is overclocking with the background image. (Worpads still missing BTW)

  2. Yep. That’s reparable, what isn’t is all the text widgets that have gone POOF. Some of the sites I got them from don’t even exist anymore. I’m pretty choked about that, which is why I got all pissy and made an animated GIF background.

  3. Yeah it overheated my own computer and crashed it. Ah well, let ’em fix it for me. That was a pretty crappy side effect I’ve never seen before. Why me? Of all the people this could happen to.

  4. Why would the theme and such be changed? Another does not make sense to me things – and the background is starting to give me a headache

    good luck with the repair

  5. I found the widgets in the Inactive Widget box. Am beginning to wonder if it wasn’t a bogus claim of lost access to the blog? But only a new staff member could make that mistake; anyone else would have emailed me.

    Yeah, the background is a bit too much, but I’m still peeved. I’ll change it tomorrow.

  6. But a bogus lost access claim should not cause a suspension – maybe someone that had never had access being added as a user of some sort – but not a suspension and I would think that a lost access claim should have some sort of careful checks and maybe even looking to see if that user had ever been part of that blog – the confusion gets deeper – glad the Widgets were just hiding at the bottom of the page or wherever

  7. Yeah, me too. But it still doesn’t explain why the theme was wiped. It was just standard Dusk to Dawn with a custom header. I’m glad I let the custom design upgrade lapse because if I’d put a lot of work into it I’d be PISSED.

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