Back to the Salt Mines

Salt Mines

Ah, it’s a slog

Well, the vacation is officially over. My main accomplishments are: a truly epic sunburn, regaining five of the pounds I’d lost, and learning how to use the Flickr app on my phone. That’s extraordinarily productive for a vacation. Heck, I even wrote two dozen blog posts! Now for my next dazzling accomplishment, I shall try to get paid for same. Stay tuned for breaking updates from my bank account!

10 thoughts on “Back to the Salt Mines

  1. What the hay … you wrote two dozen blog posts … on your *vacation*? The correct response is either: (a) “… that’d better be one helluva sunburn”, (b) “*Only* two dozen? Slacker!”, or (c) “… perhaps you should be on vacation more often …”

  2. Well, posting here has been erratic at best since I started at the Daily Dot. I only really took a vacation from the heavy stuff, since I still wrote for the Daily Download. Now if I could just get paid, that would be even better.

    I’d still like to know why someone thought it would be a good idea to suspend my site. I had an affiliate link on the perfume in my birthday present post, but I think one affiliate link every year or two is permissible under the Terms of Service.

  3. Yeah, I know. It’s still intact, too. And again, WHY CHANGE THE THEME? I think some more madness was going on with my blog and they didn’t tell me what.

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