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This post is an update to The Shape of Things To Come, on which we are making steady but (very) slow progress. Although not that “coming” part lately. MOVING ON!

Purple Reign

Purple Reign

So this is what I’ve decided on in terms of hair colour. Given that my hair is coming in a nice streaky silver/steel at the roots, and I’ve been a blonde since I was born (with a two year hiatus for Strawberrycoaster) it seems like a refreshing change. And the colours now are not quite as permanent as they were. I already own eight hundred items of grey clothing, so what the hell. I figure if I get it done at the Aveda school, somebody with training is supervising them and I can probably almost afford it. Also, when it grows in, the silver roots will work well with the existing lilac, although I may want to streak some semipermanent colours up into the grey so it doesn’t have as sharp a demarcation line. Victoria Potter at Demicouture recommended Aveda, and numerous friends recommended Manic Panic, so between the two of them I should be covered for the next, enpurpled phase of my life. This is the first time I’ve had enough grey to rock it as opposed to having it just dilute the natural blonde, so I might as well REALLY rock it, no?


Edited to add that I think this colour goes very well with my new name from the Benedict Cumberbatch name generator: Boobytrap Covergirl. Yes, Boobytrap Covergirl. TOP THAT! Total Hippie Occupy Bond Girl name.



13 thoughts on “Hair Now

  1. Lilac is not a color I’m drawn to but if you are well, that’s cool. I say love your gray as much as I love mine. I’m going from red fox (auburn) to silver fox and my gray streaked hair looks better than it did when I colored it.

  2. If ONLY my hair came in streaks. It’s been just sort of diluted all over for years, but it looks like getting jilted into homelessness finally caused it to go full on grey, and I don’t like the solid line of grey coming in. This is a good transition point.

  3. Oh, and several people have said I MUST get the lipstick also. As an ex-Goth, I have some, but it dates back to before NIN was a thing. Still, good excuse for a makeover at MAC or some suitably punkish place.

  4. Those colors look like a second childhood thing to me – but nobody takes makeover advice from me, so, do what ever the heck you want to do and the heck with the rest of us!! :)

  5. I noticed your name in the help section and was hoping you could tell me what steps to take to have the photos removed. I have tried communicating with the poster, but have not received a reply at all. It is a blog, so the form in the support area can’t help me, I don’t know what to do.

  6. Well, that’s the kind of thing that isn’t simple and that I usually charge for. If you own the copyright, you can send him (and his web host, simultaneously) a DMCA notice. If you don’t own the copyright, but never signed a model release, you can presumably sue him. If you’re underage, go straight to the cops and to @OpAntiBully on Twitter.

  7. It’s only taken me almost a year to get serious about this, but then, I had to lock down the income situation first. This is happening on Tuesday, at FutureHair at Broadway and Cambie, should a camera crew be in the neighborhood and be starved of material.

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