Good News/Bad News

Keven Spacey is as confused as I am

Keven Spacey is as confused as I am

Well, I may get whiplash from this rollercoaster life (if I don’t get it from doing yet another faceplant trying to walk on the slippery boardwalk). As some of you know, the Daily Dot and I have parted company. That was planned and a very long time coming, but it had to be done and it was done last week when I sent in the final invoice and, well, it was sad but it was better if you know what I mean. Then I moved to a place where my rent is paid with two hours a day of wood chopping, compost researching, boardwalk repairing, etc, started losing weight automatically, and all was well.

Yesterday, celebrated its eighth birthday! I still remember all 64 of my first day’s hits, which I got by begging in the comments section on Boris Johnson’s blog.

That left me with as my sole paid gig.

Guess what happened to today.

Benny and I say goodbye to Ayyyy

Benny and I say goodbye to Ayyyy

Alas, good readers, the time has come to take the last pumpkin coach home from that glamorous land known as the Manolosphere. I will miss you all, even if you never DID enter the caption contests. Think of me when you snark on the Kardashians and the spirit of Ayyyy will never die.

As Plumcake told me, I did at least last a year longer than everyone else, but the Manolosphere is no more. Was fun while it lasted.

Now I have several options and, typical for me, I’m doing all of them:

  • working on my own news site, aiming to be to cyberwar, Anonymous, and hacktivism what the Financial Times is to money. In talks with a super-secure web host you can probably guess, dependent on revenue. It will need to be ad-supported because I don’t want to go the Kickstarter route for a profit-making website, and I insist on paying the writers
  • setting up another series of workshops on Bitcoin, WordPress, and social media. It’s a quick way to generate several hundred dollars a day, and I’m a damn good teacher
  • applying for blogging, reporting, and social media jobs. There are enough of them out there that surely one is for me. Heck, Matthew Keys’ old job is officially open!
  • freelancing on occasion, although (see item 1 in this list) there is no website where this sort of thing fits easily. Eteraz wants me to write some OpEds to break into that highly coveted niche, and god knows, I’m opinionated enough.

It’s a damn good thing there’s whiskey in the house, let me just say. And caffeine.

10 thoughts on “Good News/Bad News

  1. Something will turn up? I hate to resort to platitudes but you’re resourceful and I’m sure you’ll find another job or two, and can always give workshops (in Tofino?). Glad you’re settling into a place where your rent is OK.

  2. Thanks. No, I’ll give workshops in Vancouver and Victoria. I am scheduled to volunteer at the BIL conference March 21-22 and also to dog-sit in April, so that I can tack a workshop or two onto that easily.

  3. Happy eighth birthday! (Mine is on April 6th.)

    re: walking on the slippery boardwalk
    Did you try sprinkling cat litter on it? What we did with the slippery steps we have was to nail down asphalt shingles on it and that works great.

    re: workshops
    How about becoming the WordPress workshop queen of Vancouver Island?

  4. I could well do that. There isn’t a huge population base in Tofino, but I could do a workshop in Victoria easily. I will be there on the 20th and that’s enough time to do publicity for it. Even just one student would pay for the whole trip. And I intend to do another one in Vancouver on the 23rd. That should set me up.

    re: cat litter. I hadn’t thought of that, but there are spare roofing shingles so I will nail those on it. Haven’t gone down in three days, but had a close call last night.

  5. I may have been first in that I do have multiple username accounts some of which have never posted to the support forums and at least one of which predates the timethief account.

  6. Happy 8th! Mine is on May 1st.

    The workshops sound like a great idea – and you’ll also be providing a good useful service. I may hire you myself for some social media advice. Lots of luck, Rain.

  7. Hi again,
    I was sitting add thinking about you last night when I had a light bulb moment re: the slippery boardwalk. Instead of using asphalt shingles rolled roofing is cheaper, many people have partial rolls they may give away, and it can be cut to size by using a lino or tile cutter.

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