DIY Masks for Medical Personnel and Civilians

Instructions for making easy, affordable, and effective masks to wear or donate to needy hospitals or frontline workers. Reuseable, machine washable. #OpCovid19


Note that if you do not approve of making and distributing masks, there is the whole rest of the internet for you to read and comment on. This post is about making and distributing masks.

Comments on this post about NOT making or distributing masks will be nuked from space. :D

Many hospitals are reporting shortages of the N95 grade masks which are the standard for use with patients with Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. Some hospitals are so short of supplies that staffers have been told to use a single paper mask per 12 hour shift. Obviously the best solution would be ample supplies of rated masks from an inspected manufacturer, but we don’t currently live in a world where that’s an option. We must look for alternatives.

An Anonymous volunteer in the medical field has created these instructions for masks which function similarly to the rated masks, and…

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3 thoughts on “DIY Masks for Medical Personnel and Civilians

  1. My sister is masterminding a group in her area to make 1,000 masks for a local hospital, the masks will be used by visitors to the hospital and not the staff, idea to cut down passing on something to other visitors and patients, masks are to specifications of the hospital. I see where L.L.Bean is making masks also using some sort of dog bedding material, many other manufactures are changing production lines for masks and scrubs. Good on everyone.

  2. I think it is anyone that walks in the door(s) – they have a section just for COVID-19 then for others. If you walk in the door you are considered a “visitor” until admitted. Also you are allowed to bring one person as an escort or helper. I.E. a spouse helping their SO as she did a week or so ago or if you are taking in a child.

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