DIY Face Masks: Video Instructions

Bored yet? We’ve got video instructions for several different kinds of DIY face masks.


We’ve had a reader request for video instructions for making face masks, and it just so happens we’ve found some easy to follow instructions from Orly Shani, The DIY Designer. Note that these are not exactly the same as our previous masks, not having a filter, but they will definitely provide some protection. You can always put a panty liner on the inside (soft side facing your face) to help prevent spraying when you cough or sneeze (which you should do into your arm).

Remember, masks help in three ways:

  • They keep your hands off your face
  • They minimize the number of airborne droplets you put out into your surroundings
  • They minimize the number of airborne droplets you take in via breathing

While some fabrics are better than others, any fabric which you can breathe through and will stand up to machine washing will suffice.

Here are some medically-approved instructions…

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