Foster a Pet During the Pandemic!

Step up and save a life! So many people are discovering or re-discovering the joy that a pet can bring, while we are all home and bored out of our fucking trees. And a dog is a great excuse for a walk, always.


Fostering a pet during the coronavirus crisis is a simple and fun thing you can do that will save an innocent life and bring joy to their future owner.

Walking the dog has been a popular diversion for many enduringcoronavirusquarantine, withpetsplaying an important role in helping humans get through this difficult time. Shelter-in-place orders around the country have even created a surge in demand for pets to provide both companionship and comfort.

ABC News

Shelters have even been forced to close by the Covid-19 pandemic, shutting down the only refuge many abandoned pets have.

Looking for something to do from your home, something that will make a real difference, make the world a better place, and neither put you at risk nor cost you money? Maybe you can’t sew a DIY mask, or 3D print a ventilator, but still want to do something effective.


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3 thoughts on “Foster a Pet During the Pandemic!

  1. Medical in some small towns can be tough – many places offer no more than basic First Aid. Some small towns that are isolated all but meed visitors with guns and baseball bats and “suggest” the strangers move back where they came from.

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