DIY Plague Doctor Mask Instructions

Make yourself a funky and effective leather plague doctor mask. For 2020, the year cosplay was just “getting dressed in the morning.”


We’re back! After a slight hiatus caused by some inconvenient IRL concerns, we are happy to be back, bringing you the covid-related content you rely upon.

We’ve covered instructions to make various kinds of masks, including medical anti-viral grade masks. Now that there’s more science on the way masks protect the wearer and the surrounding people, we are pleased to present these instructions, for a seriously steampunk-looking leather plague doctor mask. It enforces distancing through its sheer size, and acts as a baffle to reduce the spread of particles from the wearer’s breath, and to the wearer from the outside world. That is, after all, why they became popular in the first place.

Plague doctor mask perfect for cosplay, film and music industry prop, steampunk, Halloween, dystopia and post-apocalyptic parties.

✺ Pattern on SHOPIFY: ✺ Pattern on ETSY: ✺ Mask on ETSY:

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