Dark Dot Fail: Hacked, Then Back

And, after five years away recovering from The Accident, The Cryptosphere is back! With an exclusive interview with darkweb researcher DarkDotFail on how his site was stolen by hackers in a man-in-the-middle attack. And the attack was thwarted and reversed DURING the interview!

The Cryptosphere

It’s not every day that we conduct an interview which is rudely interrupted by the resolution of the entire premise of the interview, but it does happen occasionally. It happened once when we interviewed a hacktivist who had to hang up because the nurse was taking him to rehab, where he’d been put as a result of his hacking. It happened again yesterday, when we interviewed the primary journalist/researcher behind Dark.fail, a domain which they’d lost control of, and which they regained while in conversation with me. Us. Whatever.

[Hello, Officer Friendly]

Dark.fail is a website that attempts to review the reliability of various darknet sites, many of them drug-related, but many not. It is maintained by a team of fewer than a dozen activists and researchers.

On April 29th, a hacker or hackers seized control of the domain and switched it to point to a dupe of…

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