Jay Leiderman, the First Attorney of Anonymous: A Statement from Christopher Doyon, aka Commander X

This was Cryptosphere-worthy. Losing a legend like Jay Leiderman is hard. Losing him when he’s not only your friend but your lead attorney is even harder.

The Cryptosphere

Hacktivism lost a legend when it was discovered yesterday that crusading defence attorney Jay Leiderman had died at the age of only 50. Of him it can truly be said that he lived while he was alive.

Leiderman, an ebullient Ventura-based bon vivant and raconteur of the old school, represented everyone from Barrett Brown to the Paypal 14, often pro bono. The Maserati-driving whiskey enthusiast and Deadhead made his money fighting for medical marijuana in court, although he personally preferred good cigars to weed.

“Most people coming in here are having the worst day of…

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