Toby and Sheila, a love story

Toby and Sheila is the heartwarming story of a beagle’s love for his adopted mommy, a mallard duck.

Now, the fact that Sheila is very obviously a male mallard duck shouldn’t be an issue: perhaps Sheila was simply undergoing “transition” and gender reassignment during the period these images were taken. As you will see, the love between Sheila and Toby can surmount any physical barrier, no matter how challenging.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is true love.

And here is the translation, from reddit via TYWKIWDBI:

Translation: In 1994, Toby arrived at the Mac Kenzie ranch. Incredibly, Sheila–an old duck–adopted him. They lived together in a beautiful relationship. Some time after, Sheila died of old age.

So, the Mac Kenzies decided to embalm her. (Perfectly logical.) This is the video of the moment when Toby returned to see Sheila.