Best Resignation in History

Well, it's a resignation the way defenestration is a method of retirement, but still, awesome nonetheless. Got this via Mistress Cowfish. In early February of this year this note was posted on the door of the Blenz cafe on Hastings Street, across from Simon Fraser University.

I'm going to take a tiny moment here to express how very much I loathe Blenz coffee. It's thin, bitter and transparent; everything you want in a supermodel, nothing you want to face first thing in the morning. This isn't arabica; hell, I'd lay odds it's not even semitica.

Anyway, to get back to the point of this post…Blenz and awe-inspiring resignations therefrom; the place was always busy, but apparently at least four people didn't care for the management at this particular franchise: the four people who worked there. What I'm loving most about this note is that it's written in the same mealymouthed style as millions of interminable management lectures delivered worldwide. "Be more of a people person," asshole.

Comments from vicarious comrades-in-arms here.

Blenz Hastings


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