Bucket List

I have, for some time, suspected that my bucket list might differ substantially from those of other, lesser mortals. A swift peruse through the Bucket List tag on WordPress confirms this. 


I have no idea whether or not you have the capability to achieve higher aims, but just reading “go to Six Flags” umpteen times is fucking depressing, okay? AIM HIGHER. For me.

And now to my bucket list:

  1. Marry Prince Caspian
  2. Win Nobel Prize for Literature before 30 (nb requires time machine at this point)
  3. Capture and tame and break to ride a wild mustang, dressage optional
  4. Become the White Rahnee of Sarawak
  5. Have John Galliano call me a muse
  6. Make memorable entrance to Annabel’s
  7. Compete in a three day event
  8. See Bali from the inside, the way I saw the Bandas
  9. Have a good sit-down with Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia
  10. At least once pre-empt Biella Coleman when the media asks for comment on Anonymous. Just once, come on girl
  11. Viggo.
  12. EDITED TO ADD: Wikipedia entry. How could I have forgotten?

the Communist Manifesto, by Disney

and via BoingBoing. Please try to overlook, or at least laugh at, the fact that the narrator pronounces it “Boozhwazie.”

Displaying a broad range of Golden Age Hollywood animation, Manifestoon is a homage to the latent subversiveness of cartoons. Though U.S. cartoons are usually thought of as conveyors of capitalist ideologies of consumerism and individualism, Drew observes: “Somehow as an avid childhood fan of cartoons, these ideas were secondary to a more important lesson—that of the ‘trickster’ nature of many characters as they mocked, outwitted and defeated their more powerful adversaries. In the classic cartoon, brute strength and heavy artillery are no match for wit and humor, and justice always prevails. For me, it was natural to link my own childhood concept of subversion with an established, more articulate version [Marx and EngelsCommunist Manifesto]. Mickey running over the globe has new meaning in today’s mediascape, in which Disney controls one of the largest concentrations of media ownership in the world”

thanksgiving prayer: William S. Burroughs

One of the greatest pieces of American political criticism of the late 20th Century. I urge you to listen carefully, and repeatedly, particularly as the American Thanksgiving approaches, and to ponder the truths and untruths of Burroughs’ powerful statement.

America’s funniest home photography: with voting!

Not here. Here. I’m far too lazy to run polls!

Here, via Fark, are a few samples from The Funniest‘s thread of the funniest images on the Internet. There are some old standbys like the Jedi Squirrels, which was a top post on WordPress for at least a month, but there are also some fun new ones, such as these which I have heartlessly ripped off to give you a taste of the delights which await you in the original thread here.

With or without you. Who knew you were a U2 boy!


Lenin Sinks One


the invisible bike. Is that from Wonder Woman?

Quiz: the Interview interview

Be a journalist; or smell just like one!

This is the pop culture quiz given to hopeful job applicants at Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine. Ah, remember the Eighties? Well it seems so does whoever wrote this quiz: I’m a little surprised it doesn’t have Peter Beard and Maud Adams on it, but maybe there’s a Page Two I haven’t located yet.

See how well you do, and yes, it appears that the last one is a typo. I thought it was that scam artist John Hawkins but no, they really meant Stephen Hawking, with whom we are, of course, intimately familiar, featuring as we do his Christmas album. Oh, and did you hear Romeo is divorcing his wife? No idea if it’s for another nurse or just for physical protection, but if there’s a god in heaven Elaine Hawking will end up with David Gest.

I have ticked off the ones I can identify; how’d you do, and if it’s “not well” can I have your job?

From The Smoking Gun:

Barry Diller Checked box symbol
Joel Schumacher Checked box symbol
Bridget Hall Checked box symbol
Ellen Von Unwerth Checked box symbol
Phillip Taaffe
Michael Roberts
Faith Popcorn Checked box symbol
Helmut Lang Checked box symbol
Karole Armitage Checked box symbol
Joe Dolce Checked box symbol
Kevin Aucoin Checked box symbol
Julian Schnabel Checked box symbol
Wayne Maser
Donna Tartt Checked box symbol
Hamish Bowles Checked box symbol
Francesco Clemente Checked box symbol
Harry Evans Checked box symbol
Miuccia Prada Checked box symbol
Michaelangelo Signorile
Bob Colacello Checked box symbol
Polly Melon (sic) Checked box symbol
Douglas Coupland Checked box symbol
Jack Pierson
Tibor Kalman
Juergen Teller Checked box symbol
Rei Kawakubo Checked box symbol
Tina Brown Checked box symbol
Gabriella Forte Checked box symbol
Liz Smith Checked box symbol
Billy Norwich Checked box symbol
Sophia Coppola Checked box symbol
Jason Weinberg
Lillian Hellman Checked box symbol
Terri Toye Checked box symbol
Steven Klein
Victoria Bartlett
Peter Lynch Checked box symbol
Steven Hawkin (sic) Checked box symbol ?