America’s funniest home photography: with voting!

Not here. Here. I’m far too lazy to run polls!

Here, via Fark, are a few samples from The Funniest‘s thread of the funniest images on the Internet. There are some old standbys like the Jedi Squirrels, which was a top post on WordPress for at least a month, but there are also some fun new ones, such as these which I have heartlessly ripped off to give you a taste of the delights which await you in the original thread here.

With or without you. Who knew you were a U2 boy!


Lenin Sinks One


the invisible bike. Is that from Wonder Woman?

22 thoughts on “America’s funniest home photography: with voting!

  1. I came here from the support forum and realised I had visited before…maybe you were in the top posts. Well, I am writing a comment because I liked those photos.

  2. This is amazing R how do you get the time ?Not sure about the cure cats either though.

    These people all know stuff I don`t . They must be weird and odd

  3. Metro, I thought you’d like that; the cat is obviously being hurtled by someone off-camera.

    Lenin was a great basketball player, but what people don’t know is he was recruited by the Mets as well, but was barred from playing over his support of an all-designated hitter game; from each according to his abilities, you know.

    Wow, engtech. Feynman, Nash and game theory all in four panels? That is BEYOND geeky; that is straight-up nerdy.

    Where do I find the time? In the case of this, in the middle of the night after going for a walk. Unemployment has so many rich rewards.

    Nita, I’ve been in the top posts a few times, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hmmm – cats – 10 things about cats I would never dare post on my own blog – – –

    10; CATapult: device for thowing cats long distances.
    9; Cat-A-Ract…Cats being questioned by the Spanish Inquisition
    8; Cats are great, especially with a white wine sauce
    7; Cats have 9 lives BANG 8 lives BANG 7 lives BANG six lives BANG
    6; Un, deux, trois – cats sank. More biligualism
    5; Cats are alright. It’s the aftertaste that bothers me
    4; Ask me about microwaving cats for fun and profit
    3; Cats – they’re not so brave once they’re in a microwave!
    2; Cats are good at tennis cause they got the guts for it

    And the number one thing I would never post about cats is –

    Cats are good for 2 things: Mulch… and…I forget.

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  6. Wahhhhh – one of my taglines is proved incorrect! Oh that such deception can exist! Good money was paid or that! Assurances were made that it had only ever been used by a little old lady. It was still under warranty as well.

    So, now we have a serious discussion of my taglines, try this one which makes no mention at all of felines!

    “Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich.”

  7. I understand that in terms of PR, but in reality, he’s making himself a lot of sandwiches. And taking care of the other himself, too, if he uses a line like that on me.

  8. Oh, we’re all ABOUT the entropy here on the ol raincoaster blog, or haven’t you noticed? Chocolate is the universe’s way of making up for the fact we have to share this planet with people who believe they can fill the gaping holes in their souls with a quick trip to the mall.

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