thanksgiving prayer: William S. Burroughs

One of the greatest pieces of American political criticism of the late 20th Century. I urge you to listen carefully, and repeatedly, particularly as the American Thanksgiving approaches, and to ponder the truths and untruths of Burroughs’ powerful statement.


15 thoughts on “thanksgiving prayer: William S. Burroughs

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  2. Well, that was heartwarming.

    Did this happen to anyone else? As he counted down the list of american atrocities, I inwardly cringed, waiting for him to implicate me personally. “Thanks for davidbdale, for his alarming intolerance.” Something like that.

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  5. Wow. I’ve never seen that.

    Thanks, indeed, for “Kill a Queer for Christ stickers,” and for “Laboratory AIDS.” Bet he was fun to have over for Thanksgiving…

    “Uncle Bill, would you like to say grace?”

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