Borat Attacked! 2.0

 Borat, ready for action!

Okay people, you made me do this. You made me post about Borat when I have, I admit, no interest whatsoever in doing so.

You made me feel guilty.

Over 600 of you came to this site so far today looking for news of the anonymous New Yorker who beat the crap out of Borat (Sasha Baron Cohen) a couple of days ago, before Jeeves (Hugh Laurie) came to his rescue. And what did you get? A lame post about poster defacing or is that defacation?

Go HERE for the story you’re actually looking for, okay? I promise you, Gawker cares about this in ways I never could…

7 thoughts on “Borat Attacked! 2.0

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  2. What is a borat and why should it be attacked? If it was attacked unnecessarily should it be placed on the endangered wildlife list? Should Green Peace be informed. Do borats come as individuals or do they flock around prostitutes?

  3. May I ask an innocent question? For I am both innocent and shy.
    Aren’t both Uzbeks and Kazahks people of the human persuasion? Why do they need to attack each other when there is so much chocolate in the world?

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