Borat attacked!

Looking for the story of the recent NYC beatdown? Go here.


It’s true: Borat, the Andrew Dice Clay of Khazakstan, has gotten the smackdown from the clueless, sharpie-wielding village idiots in NYC. Guess they ran outta pitchforks.


Borat, Bigot?


From Thighs Wide Shut, via Gawker. And if you’re thinking “Gee, she musta only had time to go to one website today” you’d be right. There’s a Guide to Muslim Humour on WordPress somewhere, but I’ll hafta find it for you tomorrow. L8r!

8 thoughts on “Borat attacked!

  1. Interesting. I won a photo caption contest a few months ago by inferring that Borat was merely Jim Croce arisen from the dead in a cheap suit. Didn’t even know who he was til now.

    I’m sticking with the Jim Croce assessment.

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