It's amazing what you find on the Internet when you're innocently surfing for images of "Cthulhu Christmas Carols."Tonmo

Like this:


What is TONMO.com?
TONMO.com: The Octopus News Magazine Online is an online community and news magazine about anything and everything pertaining to octopuses, squids and cephalopods. This includes research and biology, mythology, pet care, children's books and activities, current events, art, photography, site reviews, books, movies, poetry and writing, pop culture, diving, fossils, tattoos, and even recipes.

Indeed. And this, in a world where Jocelyne Wildenstein still has no fansite; is there no justice?

And here is their Octopodcast, sure to be a source of slimy joy to cephalofanciers the world over:


Episode 4: March 2006 — An interview with New Zealand's Kat Bolstad (tintenfisch on TONMO.com) about her work with cephalopods.

Episode 3: February 2006 — This episode features an interview with Chrissy Huffard regarding “walking octopuses”.

Episode 2: January 2006 — This episode features an interview with Carol Sauer.

Episode 1 (Pilot Episode): December 2005 — This is the pilot episode, where I try to work out some of my "ums" and "you knows"…

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