Ten Worst April Fool’s Pranks


This is just brilliant; it perfectly exemplifies the thuggishness and ignorance that typify April Fool's Day. A list of the ten stupidest April Fool's jokes of all time, headed up by Saddam and Uday Hussein; hey, let no man say they weren't a barrel of laughs after hours. And Iraq gets the coveted #10 position as well:

#10: The Iraqi Ambassador's Final Joke

On April 1, 2003, as thousands of American-led coalition troops stormed across Iraq, the Iraqi ambassador to Russia, Abbas Khalaf Kunfuth, held a press conference in Moscow. Many were expecting him to announce that Iraq conceded defeat. Instead Kunfuth chose this moment to hold a gag press conference. Holding up a piece of paper that he identified as a news flash from Reuters, he read aloud from it: "The Americans have accidentally fired a nuclear missile into British forces, killing seven." Immediately the room full of reporters went silent with shock. Then Kunfuth grinned and shouted 'April Fools!' Only a few days after this unexpected moment of levity, the Iraqi government completely collapsed.

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