Easter Celebration: Wizard of Oz Dressup Jesus!

Because the Good Lord is a Friend of Dorothy‘s too!Friend of Dorothy

Just in time for Good Friday (what’s Saturday anyway? Good Saturday? As someone said today, it’s Easter, it’s all good) Normal Bob announces the Wizard of Oz Dress Up Jesus paper doll.

Fun for the whole family, except that humourless Aunt Bertha, you remember her: the one with the nasty pillbox hat that looks like it was crocheted from plastic shopping bags and who always buys you an acrylic sweater two sizes too small that still smells like mothballs from the St. Vincent de Paul store for your birthday. Yeah, she’ll probably see this, have a snit fit, leave early in a huff and go home to the one-bedroom apartment she shares with that rangy woman who taught phys ed at the one-room schoolhouse.

But it must be said, there is an element of the sacreligious here. I mean, tighty whities? Would Our Lord wear cheap cotton jersey Y-fronts to swaddle the Holy Gonch?

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