Conrad Blackout

the Black LordSo it turns out Conrad Black may be tied to the $ for honours scandal, quel suprise. But really, the only surprising part of this is that he got his title while Labour was in power. Appeasement isn't to be underrated, apparently.

Lord Black, the disgraced Tory peer and former owner of the Daily Telegraph, has been named in a series of letters surrounding the 'cash for peerages' police investigation.

The Observer has learnt that Scotland Yard is seeking information on Black, who is facing a multi-million-pound fraud trial in America. Last week, his name featured in a letter written by Tory chairman Francis Maude to former party treasurers asking for information about the investigation.

A senior party source, who has seen the letter, told The Observer that it asked for a range of background information in connection with the investigation. Black was the only peer named in the letter, the source said. Maude confirmed that he was asking former treasurers, party chairmen and other party leaders for whatever information they might have. 'We want to co-operate fully,' he said.

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