i got a fever, and the only prescription is…

a Christopher Walken questionnaire!!! Although more cowbell couldn't hurt.

I'm not sure, but I think first prize is an old black leather coat that smells like cigarettes and whiskey. It certainly aught to be.

Walker of the Illuminati

While he has never secured a place on the roster of Hollywood’s leading men, Walken has carved out a healthy niche in the “memorable supporting actors” strata. His most unforgettable parts have tended to be kooks and psychos.

When asked about his quirky roles, Walken purportedly said, “Is typecasting really a problem?” 

Walken is watching you

8. What technique does … Walken … use to … arrive at … his distinctive way of … delivering … lines?
He practices his lines by typing them into a Speak & Spell machine and playing them back
He crosses out all the punctuation in his scripts to allow him to develop completely original readings
He memorizes the script in reverse order and forces himself to mentally reorder the words as he is delivering them
He takes inspiration from remembering how his German father’s English sounded
He has a slight mental tic and speaks in the same way as everybody else sounds to him

And let us not forget that we have already seen him tap his way to glory on the Night of 100 Stars. I think he's the only one who's still alive, actually; there's gotta…be…a reason…for THAT!

Don't fear the Walken...

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