too little, too late…like howbout a sammich?

Ah, how I regret the times I did not post. Indeed, some lameass survey of, apparently, pipples on their deathbeds (don’t ask me where) said that they far more regretted the things they had not done than the things they had. In the era of blogging, how immeasurably intensified is this nameless pressure?


Hesitate but a moment and the meme is lost.

Had I not caught the Mentos and Diet Coke wave, I would even now be languishing in the depths of the WordPress “Most Irrelevant Blogs” page. Although even there I would want to be Number One.

So I hesitated. And so I lost. I lost the chance to make fun of Kiera Knightly, a woman who has never, as I have, had to line up at a food bank.

Sweetie, if you’re ever in Vancouver, I will bring you a sandwich.

3 thoughts on “too little, too late…like howbout a sammich?

  1. Apparently, she gets all her calories from Champagne, which isn’t a bad place to get them except it does not, as you can see, put meat on your bones the way Guinness would.

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