Boris sez unicorns are rad

Defamer agrees. And so does this guy, with a little help from Boris Vallejo.

Boris Vallejo - 1991 - Unicorn

Boris Vallejo – 1991 – Unicorn

Hey, is that Posh Spice?

Now this is what I’m talking about. Nobody does amazon women and mythical creatures like Boris Vallejo. Look at the teeth, the fire, the pure unbridled passion. Why oh why does the Institute of Art in Chicago continue to ignore such masterpieces as this?

Does such a woman such as this truly exist? I recently took a voyage to the Amazon to find one of these scantily clad vixens, but ran out of luck. This photo here represent to me the true behavior of the unicorn. He’s mean, tempermental, and his nostrils breath fire. However, Soccer Moms such as the Unicorn Lady seem to push the agenda that all unicorns prefer sitting on grassy hiltops rather than warfare. I strongly dissagree. But, since I am a glutton for the one horned beast, I cannot say I do not enjoy the Unicorn Lady… we still share the same love. Please check out her site and share in her passion. Did you know the Unicorn Lady used to be a Principal’s secretary for a public school in San Diego?

I can see the unicorn screensaver on her computer right now, as the high school boys snicker at her as they pass by…

Note: unicorns are not cool enough to deserve the Squid Tag, Borises notwithstanding.


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