V for alliteration

The man just does not stop! After that dynamite alliterative intro he keeps the magic alive in all his public speeches, and I hadn’t even noticed until cruising through YouTube. Of course you know that alliterative verse was popular with the Vikings…you can connect the dots, right? Did you know that the last alliterative verse drama performed in England was written by JRR Tolkien? And it’s not half bad, either.

But, frankly, it’s not this good.

7 thoughts on “V for alliteration

  1. Where do I start?


    Get the proverbials out for Guido’s blog and now this, this, this alliterative billet doux across cyberwebby. Is there no end to your machinations? Will you like Blair & Co., stage a coup? By ‘you’ I, of course, mean you and Guido – are you the power behind the throne? Recently, I’ve been wondering just how you can be so prolific but, BUT, having understood the whole terrifying impact of the above Guidocast I can see you are but a child at the knees of the master (don’t go all Jungian on me here) a mere succubus, innocent in all but apple? Or, are you playing a more subtle game? Perhaps you see yourself as Claudius/ette waiting for the calumnic fiend to be smitten down by his presidential grandeur, his grandiose eloquaciousness, his HIS…. oops I’ve forgotten what comes next – time to start the curry.


  2. What goes in Scottish curry? Mutton and thistles?

    I have a major, major alliteration fetish. That V does too just makes him all the more attractive to me.

    How can I be so prolific? Easy: 1) I steal other people’s material and 2) I’m supposed to be looking for work. Guido says he doesn’t need a web assistant, alas, but Boris is looking for a researcher, so this blog might not be a complete waste of time, jobhunt-wise.

    Why would I stage a coup? I don’t want England. I want CUBA! or possibly Sarawak. “White Rahnee of Sarawak” has a lovely ring to it. Although so does “Madame Presidente”.

  3. ‘Rahnee of Sarawa’

    I googled around , (Ha Ha to Google – I think I quallify to be sued for that- (sue me!) & cannot find ‘Rahnee of Sarawa’.



  4. add the K on the end. Sarawak is the northern coastal portion of the island of Borneo, also known as Kalimantan. It was ruled over by a very strange white man who basically got it from Queen Victoria in return for not getting slaughtered by the headhunters and proving a good example of English manhood. Besides, she had no use for the place.

    He was called the Rajah, his wife was the Rahnee. There’s a novel based on her life called “Kalimantan”. It was a miserable life, too, but she didn’t know the place had oil! I do, and I will make good and damn sure that the forestry stops; I will not have my orangutans made homeless!

  5. …..add the K on the end……DOH!

    I’ve never tried thistles but I intend to, maybe like spinach in garlic and ginger and ,of course, neeps in a coriander masala…..


  6. I have tried them. Suprisingly not-awful, actually. They were stewed to within an inch of their life and served with a butter sauce. Bitter but like arugula, not unpleasantly so.

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