Even Stevphens: Colbert vs Carell solve religion

Stolen from Metro, who stole it from someone else. Colbert and Carell solve that whole “my imaginary friend is better than yours” thang in three minutes. We note as well that it has been favorited 666 times. UPDATE: It’s been kilt. But I found you a new one instead during the temporary amnesty brought on by the well-deserved avalanche of fanhaterade on Comedy Central:

UPDATE TO UPDATE: It’s been un-kilt, so I put it below the bonus one I uploaded. The first is the best of Even Stevphens, the second is Christianity vs Islam.

UPDATE TO UPDATE TO UPDATE: Comedy Central needs a fucking enema. Steven? Stephen? Email me.

“The Web interprets censorship as damage and routes around it”
John Seabrook

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6 thoughts on “Even Stevphens: Colbert vs Carell solve religion

  1. US ‘humour’ is so lame. Anyway, Jesus didn’t go around killing people and demolishing ancient cultural artefacts because they were polythesic. Jesus was also much more fun, he turned water into wine and lets us drink beer. Mohammed’s only advantage is that he lets you have twelve wives; but I still haven’t found one that wants to marry me so whats the use in that. Besides don’t these Islamists circumcise their daughters? As for the Jews, whats left of them decided both Jesus and Mohammed were frauds (except Jesus didn’t persecute them quite like Mohammed did) so I actually sympathise with their views a lot. Why on Earth they wanted to live in a hot dusty country surrounded by lunatic Arabs that hate their guts is beyond me, but if the Jews and the Muslims want to kill each other it’s far better we let them do it in the middle east than anywhere else. We just need to arm the Jews a bit more now that the US and Russia have managed to create a more powerful Iran.

    By far the best religion is ‘Jedi’, that’s what I wrote on my last census form and that’s what I’ll write again in 2011 (unless I’ve grown up by then).

  2. Steven, your arguments are almost as lame as your education, particularly if you think female circumcision is an Islamic thing. Get yourself a TimeLife book or sumpin’ before posting here again; this is just noise pollution, seriously.

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