keep walking, Lebanon

Maybe you’ve heard of the rather edgy marketing that Johnny Walker is doing in Beirut; mind you, marketing whiskey in Beirut is always an edgy business, and I speak as the progeny of a woman who lived with a guy who made a moderate fortune importing Johnny Walker Black into Saudi Arabia. And taking blackmail photos of the Saudis in his casino for the CIA, but that’s neither here nor there.

Although it’s not as edgy as marketing it in Salt Lake City, come to think of it.

Their actual sign:

keep walking

And the suggested new, rather more specific design, from Animal New York, via Gawker:

Seriously, seriously. Walk faster.

21 thoughts on “keep walking, Lebanon

  1. Strange, we missed that one. But still, I think Johnnie Walker doesn’t have the guts to launch such an ad; it might affect their sales outside Lebanon where Israel has serious influence.

  2. Well, the first one was kinda punchy; in my opinion, the bombs in the second one should have “Made in the USA” stickers on them, too.

    Besides, Jews don’t drink in anything like the quantities Catholics and Protestants do, and as one side of my family is Catholic and the other is Protestant, I think I know what I’m talking about here.

  3. What about Lebanon’s right to exist, sweetie? 

    Lebanon hasn’t invaded Israel, in case you hadn’t heard. Hezbollah are looking at the whole thing as “tough on Lebanese civilians, but boy, we are the big heros now and Allah knows, WE didn’t lose many people.”

    Israel’s response to one group’s hostility was to cut off and then bomb the hell out of half of an entire country. This is well off the “rabid” end of the political scale. If Israel was so sophisticated, they should have been more successful at targeting Hezbollah. Instead, they’ve made heros out of them. Smaaaaaart.

  4. You are so right Raincoaster, Hezbollah now believe that they won the war and when I get to think about it, it is true that they are the ones who lost least and won most.

  5. Drinking lots of whisky never solved anything – if you want proof of that visit Glasgow. I doubt the Mullah loving shiite of hezbollah will approve of Whisky ads very much – so go Jonnie Walker!

  6. “Mullah loving shite” – excellent.

    BTW, I have no problem with Lebanon or the Lebanese. It’s just a pity they’ve allowed a large part of their country to be taken over by the cancer that is He***llah. I give it two years until they have another dig at Israel. And of course, Israel will be condemned by the “international community” for defending itself.

    Am I bothered – No.

  7. Y’know, if you’re going to use quotation marks around “international community”, you should have to use them around “defending itself”.

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  9. Oh, flamewars are great for hits, and are far less lethal than real ones. I thought I told you that?

    I hereby invite the nations of Lebanon and Israel to settle their differences via a flamewar in the comments section of my blog. I’ll referee. No blocking, no wimping.

  10. Mizz-L

    Problem for these and other countries is that they have been having real flame wars. With limited understanding of the fundamentals, all suggest these wars will rage for a 1000 years or more. Suspected is that when the world ceases to be interested, a solution will present itself.

  11. This post is a real tribute to flamewars, alcoholics, and the Middle East. How many bottles of Johnny Walker would it take for a 3 year online exchange of insults? (Sept. 13, 2006 the date of your original post to today, May 27, 2009)
    ……… The world will never know.
    I’m intrigued with the concept of replacing war with virtual flamewars. A 3 year flamewar is less time than America has been in Iraq.

  12. Amen to that! (and I’m sure SOMEBODY out there found that offensive!)

    Now, the idea of getting Lebanon and Israel drunk together is not one that occurred to me, but it’s an awesome one. The cost, however, would approach that of conventional warfare, if the drinking habits of the Israelis and Beirutis I know are anything to go on!

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