hidden messages in Kimveer Gill’s blog?

Gill in his trenchcoat 

Let’s look at his post from June 11 (stolen from the Volokh Chronicles):


Look out friends

The RCMP and CSIS in Canada and Local Law enforcement and F.B.I. in the States have been scouring this web site during the last 3 months. Looking to arrest you guys and girls for nothing.

Ever since that girl from Alberta killed her family, they’ve been going through the pros, and have arrested dozens of people because of what they wrote in their journals (like talking about killing someone), or the pics they got (like holding a gun) or whatever.

Just be careful about what you write. Select “Private Entry” for anything that might be perceived as suspicious. For now.

And yes, he was right. The RCMP have confirmed that they have a unit who looks at social networking sites and, further and almost inconcievably (and I do know what that word means), they have told the press that, had they seen Gill‘s blog, they’d have considered it mundane and not in any way indicative of problems in the present or the future.

All I can say is that maybe they should assign it to someone who’s a little better with English or with psychology next time. Pros agree.

“From what he wrote, you could tell that he basically hated humanity as a whole. He hated everybody. He hated black people, white people, rich people. He hated everybody,” a police source said.

“It was very obvious his state of mind was deteriorating greatly over the last three weeks.”

So perhaps there are many, even more violent posts in his blog; we won’t know unless the police choose to tell us. He wasn’t shy about his paranoia:

 Shut up

I wonder why my household has been under surveillance by law enforcement for 6 years now? Makes no sense to me!!

Oh, you’re wondering how I know? lol Bet you little monkeys are Hey, assholes!! Everything everyone says or does against me is shown to me in my dreams, I see everything. You fucking monkeys.

God, you humans are so inferior. Mood:………………………….

Music:Marilyn Manson – Coma White

Legally, there’s a case to be made for the blog being part of Gill‘s estate, so VampireFreaks may have to answer for that at some point. In any case, blogs are going to have to have formal in-case-of-mortality clauses soon. People aren’t going to stop dying. But that’s an aside.

Gill was also for a time a regular on the Trenchcoat Chronicles, a discovery greeted with strongly mixed emotions by Trench, the proprietor of the site. In apparently every single comment he made on the website (under his Yahoo id, rogue_warrior_50@yahoo.ca) he denied that kids who wrote about their intentions to do violence ever, once, for so much as a moment, were joking. Prescient echoes of the VampireFreaks disclaimer, methinks. My own theory is that Gill was trying to throw the cops off his trail; the cops who freely admit that they weren’t even aware he existed back then.

It makes me wonder what’s in those hidden entries.

This is the post that got him banned from the Trenchcoat Chronicles:

How can the police arrest this young rebel, and send him to jail? He hasn’t done anything wrong. Many teenagers feel isolated and alone, and for such a reason they may create an imaginary reality within their own mind, such as shooting people.

If he was really going to kill alot of people then he wouldn’t be telling people he was going to do it. It’s just common sense. I believe he just wanted a little attention, nothing more.

Lets hope he gets outta jail soon, and the police give him back the guns the seized

For that comment I banned him from leaving comments on my site.

The last time I heard from him was from an e-mail he sent me which you can see here.
Did he have any hidden blog entries at all? If so, did he threaten to kill anyone in them? He didn’t seem all that shy, although not being stupid he wasn’t all that specific either, in the regular blog entries.

We need a lot more answers from the police and from VampireFreaks.com before we can answer those questions. For now, let’s look at the final email he sent Trench and extrapolate from there, shall we? Emphasis mine.


Cool page. Like what you do here. But I find you only look at the story one way. Not once have I read a comment you’ve made, about even one of these school shootings being acceptable, or needed.

Did you use to be a police officer or something?


4 thoughts on “hidden messages in Kimveer Gill’s blog?

  1. Amen, Trench. Great site you have there. I plan on sticking around.

    On the one hand, I hear my friends who say “let his name be forgotten” because in our civilization, fame is seen as a reward, no matter what the circumstances. But ultimately, I think it’s wrong to turn away, both because this can teach us something about ourselves and the people around us, even the zeros, and because it teaches us something about fame, infamy, good and evil. They arrested that kid in Quebec because he made threats on VF; too bad they’re a week late on the site, but maybe they saved some lives today.

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