coolest movie trailer ever: 300

Stumbled across this on Daily Kos, a site that I go to maybe once a year; at least I picked the right day to go. Check out this incredible trailer from the new film based on the Frank Miller graphic novel. Rimjob, the blogger who did this writeup, knows his military history as well as his Star Trek; the Spartan/Klingon parallels were in Gene Roddenberry‘s mind when he was writing the original, and have only grown stronger since then.

No points for guessing who the Romulans were based on.

I must say, there’s just something amusing about writing “That Rimjob really knows his Spartans.” And vice versa, no doubt. By all means, go read the whole entry.

I’ve always been fascinated by historic last stands against insurmountable odds. The defense of Wake Island in World War II is an amazing history to read about. I’ve always seen events like this as living proof that a small band of people can, by force of will & a little luck, stand up to anyone or anything.

The trailer for the film version of Frank Miller‘s “300” has just been released. The movie & graphic novel deal with the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC, where a few thousand greeks (led by King Leonidas & his 300 Spartans) fought an army of invading Persians that numbered in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. The trailer looks good, although they have the Spartan King Leonidas talking about “a new age of freedom”. Spartan society is probably the closest Humans have come to being like Klingons

Well, he’s put his finger on it there. Persians are what they were called before they were called Iranians, and there’s no question the marketing people will be peeing themselves in spasmodic glee at how well the current international situation reflects the slant in this film.

Perhaps you’ll recall Michael Medved‘s attempt to claim that the Lord of the Rings films were about the terrorist threat against America, and perhaps you will recall as well the new asshole that Viggo Mortensen (cum laude B.A. in Government, St.Lawrence University) ripped him for that. Tolkien himself nearly rose from the grave at that apostasy.

In any case, it will be interesting to see how the Iranians/Persians are demonized, how the Spartans are Americanized (dare I cross my fingers for NOT?), and how the images are used as cheap emotional triggers by all the many squirming sides to this debate.

Until the users start using, we can simply enjoy the trailer itself. One last thing. I note with admiration that it contains the single most definitive ingredient to an awesome YouTube: a soundtrack by Nine Inch Nails.

Rock on.

17 thoughts on “coolest movie trailer ever: 300

  1. It’s a movie. Swallow your pride and read the article on Daily Kos. Boris will be quizzing you on this later, I’m sure. Best to do your homework.

    Besides, the Greeks aren’t with you in Iraq, are they?

  2. I read the Kos thing. Why would I have to swallow my pride first? Boris quizzing me? You mistake me for someone else, I don’t know the man.

    The Greeks have chickened out of the War on Terror? Typical!

  3. I love Frank Miller’s work, but unfortunatly in the past the movies that came out of his writings were rather bad. The only exception so far was Sin City which literally took the comic book as a storyboard.

    Who is directing / writing it?

  4. Not sure at all. The trailer looks bombastic and game-like, as Steven said, but I myself am bombastic and game-like, so I’ll see it anyway. Got to get the graphic novel to tide me over in the meantime, but I blew $50 today on books at Word on the Street and so am on a money diet. That was supposed to be grocery money, dammit.

    Priorities, priorities.

    Steven, you went to Daily Kos? That may have disqualified you from voting Tory forever! And you may not know Boris now, but the next time a researcher job comes up I’m going to whip you like a redheaded mule until you apply, just so you can have the interview. You can’t spend your life working for Labour, particularly as they’re going to lose the next election.

  5. The Greeks fight in just wars with honor and dignity, that’s why you will see a delegation of Greeks in Afghanistan fighting real terrorists, and trying to restore true democracy and freedom to the Afghan people. You will not find them in Iraq, because they choose to take no part in an unjust illegal war. The Greeks shed their blood only for honorable causes, and we have been doing this since the time of the Spartans and before.

  6. So far the movie trailer appears good. I just hope Hollywood sticks to the historical facts this time and doesn’t overembelish in order to dramatize the film, they way they did with Alexander.

  7. It’s funny how the greeks are so prejudice of FYROM and how they were so prejudice of Ancient Macedonians, (Demosthenes) and yet they love to claim Alexander as Greek, and yet he was a Macedonian,….hypocrite?

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