giant blue lobster caught in Britain


Bluey, they called him. I guess they’ve got creativity rationing in place in Blighty.  And maybe not so much “Giant” as “Really more than you could eat at one sitting.”

Anyhow, this Ananova report is the third in the “bizarrely-coloured lobster” series, a semi-regular feature on the raincoaster blog. He wins on sheer size and age; he’s around my age! Wonder if he’s got a blog, too.

Zahra d’Aronville, from Blue Reef, said: “Bluey is quite an unusual lobster. Scientists say that only one in every three to five million is this colour.

“He has been very lucky to survive because being so blue he is quite easy to spot by predators.

“Lobsters this colour usually get eaten when they are much younger and smaller so it is very unusual to see a lobster of this colour so big.”

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