advice show o’ the day: Calls for Cthulhu!

When you’re at the end of the line and you just don’t know where to turn, you might as well throw yourself into the insatiable tentacles of the utter horror which is the Great Old Ones. In fairness, Cthulhu is a more attractive host than Howie Mandel.

5 thoughts on “advice show o’ the day: Calls for Cthulhu!

  1. I used to read HP Lovecraft during thunderstorms, under the blankets, by the light of a torch! That is SCARY! If the cat leaps onto your bed at the same time as a lightning flash the reaction can upset everyone else in the house. I wanna be Cthulhu!

  2. Stephen King has suggested that Cthulhu represents “a gigantic, tentacle-equipped, killer vagina from beyond space and time.” (from the Wikipedia entry on Cthulhu) – may be this explains Jessica whatshername’s musical tribute?

  3. King is clearly demented; he’s obviously been taking long walks with Nyarlathotep. It’s Shub Niggurath who’s the giant vagina (see Ramsay Campbell’s works).

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