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We are a rare breed indeed.

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40 thoughts on “Bloom County on the endangered liberal

  1. Dear Regen-Coaster

    Conservation efforts are excessively focused on the preservation of Liberals

    You Canuckistanis should devote more anxiety & donations towards endangered Tree Octopodia and especially free-spirited but impoverished Blog-Meisterins

    Your obedient servant etc

    G E

  2. Good one Coasty , when does the season start then ? I `d like to send some beaters ahead and hear their dying yips . Hope you don`t mind me stealing this and reframing it minus any irony you may have intended. This is a straighforward manual for living for me .
    Will of course tip the old titfer`

  3. Hunting with beaters: a quintessentially wankerish activity. If you’re too damn lazy to walk to the game, you deserve to be chased and felled by said game. How have you enjoyed twelve years of Labour rule, newmania? Violent fantasies of revenge are prevalent among those whom life has crushed and tossed aside. But at least you still have your dreams, eh?
    G Eagle, it is as certain that all endangered species are Leftists as it is that the sun sets in the West. Blogmeisters and tree octopodia are among their ranks. Now, can I have my federal grant, please?

  4. Liberals in our Labour government…you’re having a laugh aren’t you?
    They got shot years ago.
    you must be thinking of someone else.
    Some noble bird that still has a left wing.
    (Incisive satire. At this time in the morning…you ARE having a laugh.)

  5. No, it’s just that I know anyone to the left of Margaret Thatcher drives newmania into a frenzy that is amusing to watch. If ONLY we could tempt Verity over here from Iain Dale’s blog, we’d have a truly sidesplitting left-right dichotomy. I can’t be too mean about her, though, as when I was suffering from a truly anomalous and probably curse-propagated physical crush on Tony Blair (yes, times are tough around the ol’ raincoaster blog) she was kind enough to supply a picture which quickly put paid to that. Nonetheless, she makes Ghengis Khan look like Che Guevera.

  6. Dear Herr NeuMenschia

    You might perhaps profitably reflect on the short-sightedness of being so dismissive of “Liberals”

    There is more Joy in Heaven when one Sinner (an Aramaic word which includes “Liberals”) repents than over 99 self-righteous guys (Aramaic for Conservative …. err… Republican, across le Pond)

    There must be the hope that they (or some of them) may come to see the error of ther ways and abandon politics in favour of conservation of valuable natural resources (eg the Tree Octopodia Nature Parks, to be run by Metro & his Friends)

    Also, there are still so many Liberals … and the Revenue needs them (& everyone else) to pay the excessive taxes that a bankrupt Government requires to fuel so many of Fettes-Homme’s improvements

    * Iraq

    * a UK Prison population now exceeding 80,000 – quite an achievement in a Democracy (but presumably excluding the 150 political asylum seekers now released on bail, consequent on their burning their “Detention Centers” – Colonials on the rim of Civilisation will of course not understand how Detention Centres are not Prisons)

    * Iraq

    * NHS Hospitals made safe for proliferating bureaucrats & untreatable MRSA plagues

    * Increasing Pensions & expense allowances for MPs

    Tot siens

    G E

  7. No Mz Coaster you buffoon , many people to the left of Margaret Thatcher are my beloved brethren in our struggle against the forces of darkness. Liberals do not appear on a political spectrum it is an emotional state that is a replacement for politics .Learn this practice it and I`ll pop back in to give you further lessons in politics and the UK.. I like to help

  8. Newmania, you do talk a load of crap sometimes.

    “Liberalism” is THE political position. “Conservatism” has been hijacked, and is now presented as the determination to lead one’s life with mind, heart, and said life as unexamined as possible and without consideration for anyone save one’s self. It is the resistance to reason, and the furtherance and expression of “I’m alright, Jack”.

    Consider the Bush brand of big-government, worse-than-nanny-state, fiscally-catastrophic, corrupt, sexually dysphasic, follow-the-fuhrer conservativism which has so lately begun to become unfashionable in Washington (thank the FSM, ra-men!).

    Not much nuance, there, eh? Not a great deal of reasoning. Mr. Bush carries on doing without exception and without pause for thought, that which has made him arguably the most loathed individual in the world. He is convinced that if he thrusts his hand into the fire long enough, it’ll start to feel good. Never mind the results so far.

    That conviction is an emotional state that replaces politics, reason, and even the faiths he so abundantly claims to have.

    Liberalism requires accounting for the ideas of those besides oneself and accepting the possibility you might be wrong. One can see why self-professed conservatives attack it even where it doesn’t exist. Once a “Conservative” questions his ideas and subjects them to reason, he might change a position on something.

    And then he wouldn’t be a conservative anymore.

    Poor creatures. Perhaps there’ll be a pill one day …

    I am a true conservative. But until they give me that word back and let it mean what it used to, I won’t use it.

  9. Well Metro I`m relieved you are in a position to accept you might be wrong and I can see how such flexibility must be of great use to you . You say you do not like George Bush. That’s your business , for us the US political spectrum appears wafer thin and I wouldn’t care to comment . If the Democrats ,as you suggest will usher in a smaller , state then fine. Thanks admittedly to our useless Prime minister our support for America seems to have gone un thanked and un noticed .Next time I doubt such support will be forthcoming which the axis of evil will count as a victory. Are you pleased ?
    God what a sorry flatulent sigh the rest of it is .Do you imagine this is the first time it has occurred to me that the word Liberal can be interpreted to mean all sorts of good human qualities , do you ?The common old nag they whip out here is that Margaret Thatcher was the inheritor of 19th century Liberalism , hence free trade personal Liberty , low tax and individual freedom .Something in it , for the academics , tedious old and misleading otherwise..
    Conservatism defined itself for most of the 20th century against the possibility of Socialism , you will understand little of this alien system of competing doctrines but bear with me .In between these economic ideologies snarling across the jungle there grew a small rat like party party called” The Liberals” . It had no special policy or philosophy , it was centred in remote areas and it scavenged whoever non political gripe was on the forest floor , environment , new style teaching , women’s issues , life quality, . It adopted weimarsih attitudes especially on foreign policy safe in the knowledge it had no chance of having to act. Locally it was racists or anti racists or big government or small or whatever the local “issue “ was. It became a bi word for inconsistency and fed on dissatisfaction with conventional politics with no alterative plan.
    As we , are in a post democratic phase its influence has grown . It makes a virtue of dismissing economic policy , it lies about taxation and it is the toy of the most feckless bourgeois elements on the country. It is defined by its great fact . It can never win . Those who support it are those who say , I `m, not playing , I am running of to my room like a pitiful adolescent and I will shut the door on political decisions. Most are in fact awed at their own ignorance and need only a good slap to come round .

    Spare me your gratitude Metro , I am not entirely sure how youb use the same words but I am talking about my country of which you know nothing . If you say Liberal means Conservative in America .. Fine . They look oddly familiar to me though.

    I daresay you are acknowledging your wrongness about now , or was that just for other people …oddly familiar………………..

  10. Sorry–finger stuttered. Here’s the rest of it:

    So you wish me to acknowledge a wrongness? Let’s see where you think I’m wrong.

    By the way: “Axis of Evil”? Old punchline, and the joke stopped being funny about four years ago.

    Your linguistic point regarding the word liberal is interesting, but doesn’t, it seems, relate to my contention that Conservatism–particularly that firey North American brand which thinks of itself with a capital “C”, is in desperate denial.

    I said not a word about Thatcher. Disliked her, generally, but as a liberal market man I feel she did some nasty things that needed doing. The history lesson, though actually uneccessary, was good too, generally. But it seemed to stray from your main point. Until I realized that you were speaking specifically of the Liberal Party of the UK. And the light blinked on.

    Your original comment spoke of Liberals. Not “The Liberal Party”, or more clarifyingly the UK Liberal Party. I thought that you were saying something different, and that was what I responded to.

    I acknowledge that wrongness. Though I stand by my statement that you do comment a load of old cobblers sometimes, and moreover you know it.

    You’re right if you’re saying that I don’t know much about the Liberal Party, a bit on where they came from, not much else. Please don’t tell me I know nothing of England, though.

    Anyway, it’s been fun, but I’ve got to get back to workplace health and safety now. Thanks for helping me keep awake.

    Peace, all.

  11. Metro , its just a thought but you might want to waffle less and say something on occassion .I talk neither crap nor cobblers and if you know anything about this country you have thus far kept it well hidden .Still I enjoyed you belated snippiness

    joke stopped being funny about four years ago….

    oooo get her !!!

  12. So are you talking about the liberal party here? or liberals in general? and what the fuck is the liberal party these days? Do you mean the liberal democrats? Or do you mean the party from the 1900’s who fought the tories back in the old days?
    Let us know what you’re talking about…I don’t remember the liberal party ever saying anything about the axis of evil. Kind of a little bit after their time yeah? Or do you mean the LIb Dems. The onl people who still stand for prop rep despite all the sense it makes.
    And you talk about wafer thing politics…look at the gap between the modern con and lab parties in the UK…absolutely fucking nothing between them.
    I don’t give a shit any more..its late..and I’m drunk..and we’re cocking up the cricket again.
    If you’re going to make these broad statments then define what you’re talking about…don’t attack Metro for being vague when he’s just rying to clarify what the hell kind of nonsense you’re trying to spout.
    Fuck it..
    i’m going to bed

  13. Yes, go to bed. When you’re this sleep-deprived you punctuate almost as badly as newmania, whose several hundred word comments would almost lead one to believe that punctuation is being rationed over there. What are you doing, sending your extra semicolons to the boys in Iraq?

    Nighty night.

  14. Oh do stop this tiresome sulking Metro, get him plate of cream to wash away the taste of wounded pride R

    . Alabaster you haven’t read my post , or , apparently , been watching the cricket.
    It looks quite promising actually

  15. newmania, lay off Metro. If you read his blog you’d know he’s had a tough time of it lately. Some people have lives, you know. Some people even save them.

  16. Dear Regen=Coaster

    By the Lion’s mane – from Post 7, you will of course have deduced what kind of Eagle I am

    I had not meant to be so obvious …. but I quote Eliza’s words to Mr Darcy

    “Conceal the unhappy truth as long as possible – I know it cannot be long”

    This Guilty Secret would of course expose me equally to the scorn of the incisive, punctuating NeuMenschia (Homo Sapiens Islingtonius Ferox – the scourge of Waffle-Peddlers) and the informative & perceptive Metro (the witty Champion of Tree Octopodia Theme Parks and Canada’s best hope of coverting you to Capitalism – ie with lucrative federal grants for working at the hereinbefore mentioned theme parks)

    On the other hand, perhaps a Secret in plain sight is safe …. even the usually perceptive NeuMenschia does not seem to have picked up that I was (almost) quoting the most obviously-famous Aramaic Speaker and his words were equally (or more) pejorative of conservatives than liberals

    Alles Gute & Vale und so weiter

    G Eagle

  17. RC, AC, GE–I appreciate it. But I’m all about the communication here. Having a hard evening is no excuse for pissing in a man’s ear.

    I fired off the original comment because NM wasn’t clear with his. Long and short, that’s it, and he may have that as he likes, with or without cream.

  18. I wasn’t watching the cricket, I was listening to it. And at the time we’d lost two wickets in a very short time.
    Right now we’re not doing awfully. But with a pitch this flat I can’t see our bowling being enough to take out the aussies. Sure, we’re having a fairly solid bat so far…but I can see the Aussie’s doing just as well when its there time to bat. If Colingwood and Pieterson can keep up the current pace (and not come so close to making idiot mistakes like Pieterson almost did just at the close of play) then we can take this. But I’m still not wholly optimistic…without Panesar I just don’t know how we’ll bowl strong enough off this pitch.
    But what do I know..I’m just a smelly hippy.
    And apologies for my earlier post. I did read what you said…it just seemed incoherent enough for me to be just as incoherent. That wasn’t entirely fair. I was very drunk.
    However..the fact is that UK politics are totally centrist these days, and you seem to keep on redefining who ‘liberals’ are. Maybe I’m just easily confused, but you do seem to not make much sense when commenting here…which is interesting because I actually read one quite good post on your blog. I disagreed with it, and most of the rest of it was nonsense..but still.
    Anyway, what bothers me is that lack of definition in the terms liberal. These days it means anything vaguely left of far right. Which seems silly.
    Anyway, yeah. Apologies for exploding a bit last night. Drunk and in no mood.
    And yes..the cricket was indeed looking up by the end of play…but not by much.

  19. Why is everybody being so nice? If somebody isn’t making sense, we don’t consider them to be “blogging challenged” on the raincoaster blog. We consider them to be “prey.” Stop being so bloody nice, you two!

  20. Hey, don’t worry, I still think the guy’s a pillock.
    But you told me to go to bed…and generally if people are telling me that then I’ve done something bad and have to apologise in the morning.
    Not that I’m a bad person.

  21. I did notice the timing of your cricket remark Alabaster , point taken . Metro I am trusting that if you have experienced some tragedy of late then you will be as aware as I always am the some blog matters less than nothing .
    It simply doesn

  22. Sorry to hear you have been in the wars Metro . None of my business really . Alabaster yeah you are right aren`t you , the cricket was tense then.

    R maternal ? Oh that is good . Old Mother Raincoaster. If R is getting broody we are heading towards the final apocalypse

    Don`t do it R ; its dangerous and painful . Stay pure

  23. Dear Regen-Coaster


    As we march steadily towards 100, you might perhaps think more gently towards Mr NeuMenschia, who is still heroically engaged in the unequal struggle to make any sense of the British political system

    He & Mr Crippens are that so pitiable phenomenon, England cricket enthusiasts – I suppose it’s like 2nd marriages ,,,, sadly, so often the triumph of hope over experience

    I do not expect Canuckistanis to understand (or want to understand) the Noble Game or its mysterious delights, but it has always reminded me of the thrills & excitements that are inseparable adjuncts to watching grass grow, but normally accompanied by England’s extraordinary ability to snatch defeat from overwhelming victory

    I suppose the British victory at Quebec was an apparent exception to this strange ability, but perhaps most of the British soldiers were presumably Scotch and we did have the advantage of having the French led by Montcalm – I don’t think Napoleon would have failed to emerge victorious …. but of course Buonoparte was of course not really or entirely French

    – and the British Commander Wolfe seems to have been a very odd fish who apparently wanted to be shot – this was evidently a great inspiration to his men (in those unEnlightened times, ladies faced the discrimination of not having an equal opportunity to be shot)

    However, an Eagle is not in the best situation, when it comes to criticizing British eccentricity or New-World spelling/punctuation, especially when encouraging M. Metro’s noble & witty efforts to promote a money=making Tree Octopus Farm

    Of course, you should not be too concerned for M. Metro’s sensitivities – he seems more than a match (even on a bad day) for Rooineks like Mr NeuM & your obedient servant and I think he enjoys Mr NeuM’s provocations as much as I do

    and we must always feel some sympathy for a young man like Mr NeuM who apparently still resides in Islington ,,, although this must be an improvement on Brent (wherever that is)


    G E

  24. Should you ever wish to enslave an English man R look up adoringly and say something like ………………,”Explain LBW just one more time”

    I guarantee the results , “ FIFA guidance on offside “ will also work , or for most commonwealth countries “So when could you join the ruck with your big hairy arms then ?”

    I played rugby in Canada years ago and I have to say at my worm level the standard was very high. We drove from Edmonton to Japser (or Bamf ?) one of the two ,in an ancient Buik,for a game . It is some of the ugliest flattest soul destroying country you will ever sleep through .
    In this existential hell we stopped at a petrol station .
    In this metropolis of two buildings was a bar and in that bar was an Indian and a stripper,.
    We watched her strip and I have often thought it was one of the saddest things I have ever seen .

    The game was played in a cathedral of mountains and I stared upwards most of the time . In this very game I came in of the left wing sidestepped off my planted left peg and my patella was caught by a passing kamikaze flanker`s knee . It recovered in a year but I was never any good again.

  25. You mean: Jasper, Banff, and a Buick. And did you somehow miss the Rockies in your journey? Last I heard, they were still there.

    I shall remember your advice, should I ever find myself unable to drift off to sleep. Sounds like that conversation would cure it pronto.

  26. They were at the end of the flat bit. I have also travelled through the Rockies , been all over Canada actually .Nice clean country . Mostly harmless , can`t drink

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