Darth Vader celebrates the season

 Darth Vader builds his dream. Awwwwww!

No heart is so hardened that it cannot be touched by the magic of Christmas. Ah, Christmas, the season when dreams come true, when magic is everywhere, and when Darth Vader takes time out from empire-building and torturing his enemies to build a dream made of snow.

Ladies and gentlemen, via Fark comes the Darth Vader Happy Holidays Snow Globe:

Me! Wants! Me! Wantssssss!

Dude’s building the Death Star, out of snow!  And he’s all crouching down and shit!  If that isn’t the cutest thing since Admiral Ackbar intentionally synched his “fall back into the chair” motion so his neck would hit his seat’s headrest at the exact moment the Super Star Destroyer crashed into Death Star II at the end of Return of the Jedi, I don’t know what in the hell is.

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16 thoughts on “Darth Vader celebrates the season

  1. You know what Coasty you have a very soppy side to you . I `m beginning to wonder if you dress in gingham and have a smile like a glinting unsheathed kukri .

    Do you bake ? you lil `mantrap you

  2. Newmania you bloody tart!
    I was wondering why the ‘oh I’m married’ routine today – you’re sharkin’ in Canada you slag! We’re on to you kiddo; raincoaster and I weren’t born yesterday ya know!

    I’m thinkin’ raincoaster likes something tall, dark and handsome, with a rather whiney voice? (nice ass though)

  3. I can only promise you Phillipa that remarks aimed at Raincoasters baking abilties gingham dresses and possible shining leer have no ingratiating purpose. I see I shall have to make that clearer in future though .Blimey how clear could it be ?

  4. I don`t care about Toto , I don`t care about Dale I don`t care about anything. They are all on about their stupid party and everyone is invited but not me

    I`m so unha ha ha ppp eeee waaaaahhhhh!!

  5. You can be incredibly frightening at times…didja know?

    That’s ok, I did happen to see a toy that had our friend there riding a chopper. I’m pretty sure he never rode one of those in any of the movies or even the “Darth Vader Christmas Special”.

  6. Dear Mr NeuMenschia

    Methinks thou dost protest too much, about your Invitation

    Either it’s in the post (isn’t there some postal strike about now)

    or Iain & Guido have not invited you to their party presuming that you are leading an expedition to North-West Australia in search of the LongDonkey & the Electoral Appeal that is a desirable concomitant of Antipodean Archie photographing you when finding these lovable brutes

    British Voters love dogs & cats – I suggest that you should include some dingos in Archie’s photos, along with some of his Australian Beavers -unfortunately, there seems to be some dispute about appearance fees for Metro’s Tree Octopodia

    If you are to beat Red Ken & Gorgeous George’s candidatures for London Mayor, you Conservatives will need every edge that you can get for them

    but as Trinity said to Neo, it’s the question that drives us :

    Why haven’t Guido & Iain (perceptive men of impeccable taste & wit) invited Regen-Coaster & Philipa to their Party ?

    Your obedient servant etc


  7. Well, you know what a friend of Dorothy’s is, right? Same, only for terriers. Horrible, horrible thought eh?

    GE, I wouldn’t be surprised if they HAD invited Philipa, but it’s my understanding that the party is only for co-conspirators and pals and as Guido has never used anything I’ve sent him, and I’ve never sent Iain anything but a job application, it’s unlikely that I’m considered either. Who knows what Philipa sent them? If newmania wants to be invited he should make himself useful to them; they ARE right-wingers after all, and that is how capitalism works.

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