a Christmas Cthulhu Cephalopodcast

Merry Squidmas! 

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Yes, boys and girls, it’s that time of the year again. A time for presents, and family, and snowdrifts, and tentacles. So here, just in time for solstice, is your Cthulhu podcast and Christmas Squid Roundup. That’s what you call a group of Deep Ones, you know, a pod. And when they’re also featured players in the solstice pageant, they’re obviously a …

can you see it coming?


And here are your lyrics:

Blue Solstice

based on “Blue Christmas” by Billy Hayes and Jay Johnston, 1948, lyrics reworked by Elvis Presley
HPLovecraft Historical Society Lyrics by Sean Branney from the album An Even Scarier Solstice

Music to Blue Christmas © Billy Hayes & Jay Johnston
Blue Solstice lyrics, recording, all original content ©2006 HPLHS, Inc.
violators of HPLHS copyrights will be hunted by the Hounds of Tindalos through angular geometry


II’ll have a blue solstice, Cthulhu.
I’ll be so blue thinking what you’ll do.
Sacrifices of red on the blue open sea
Won’t mean a thing until you’re here with me.

Until your blue nightmares awake me
And all my blue angels forsake me
You’ll be down in your tomb,
In cyclopean gloom
And I’ll have a blue, blue blue blue solstice.

(spoken) Oh Cthulhu, baby, c’mon up out of that tomb. I can’t stop thinking about your huge flabby claws, them little wings of yours, that grotesque scaly body, and them big ol’ tentacles wrapped around me. Oh darlin’, I can’t go on without you.

You’ll be down in your tomb
In cyclopean gloom
And I’ll have a blue, blue blue blue solstice.

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