Leslie Harpold: advent to ascent

advent calendar Leslie Harpold

No need for a calendar anymore, Leslie Harpold.

Multi-talented Internet personality, muse, mentor, inspiration and creator of the famous online Advent Calendar Leslie Harpold died at home over the weekend of complications of bronchitis.

She’d hate this to be tied to classic didacticism, but she’d hate being dead, too, so I’m going to go ahead and take this opportunity to remind people to get themselves checked out when they get sick. Sure, you may think the doctor will assume you’re a wuss, but better that he see you every fall and think you’re a wuss than he not see you this year and never get the chance to again. You can’t tell when it’s potentially fatal pneumonia or pleurisy or whatever…he can.

The Advent Calendar is frozen on December 7, and serves as a poignant memorial to a woman who was more interested in what magic she could bring to or bring out in other people than in herself.

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8 thoughts on “Leslie Harpold: advent to ascent

  1. Damn. Leslie and I were in Mme Fitch’s French class together for three years at Kimball High School. We briefly reconnected via the Internet shortly after she moved back to Michigan and we were going to get together on a work project “in a few months.” Well, it’s been a few months and I was just looking her up. Damn. And now she’s dead. The project means nothing, but Leslie was a force of nature, a dear-heart whose company I still enjoyed even after an absence of more than 20 years. I envy those of her friends who had her in their lives all that time. KKJB

  2. I’m glad you dropped a comment. I was one of those who didn’t really understand Leslie’s magnitude until she was gone. She is anything but forgotten, rest assured.

  3. Leslie Harpold’s Advent calendar was one of those lucky, lucky finds for me. She made some cold Advent days and nights warm up with her fun calendars. I am so glad they are still on line – Leslie was a wonderful part of Christmas for me. Sad old world without her. Fortunate the people who knew her personally.

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