pic o’ the day: Gramma’s got a gun!

Gramma's got a gun! Everybody duck!

For those of you unfamiliar with the raincoaster gene pool, here is an introduction.

This is my grandmother, age ninety-something and legally blind in both eyes for more than ten years, blind in one eye since D-Day, enjoying an afternoon’s shooting out at my cousin’s house. That is my cousin helping her hold up the rifle. The family that slays together stays together.

Note, if you will, that the propane tank is between the muzzle of the gun and the turkeys in the next field she is aiming for! Let it not be said that we are a race of namby-pamby risk hedgers.

12 thoughts on “pic o’ the day: Gramma’s got a gun!

  1. {shudder} Has she taken the courses and is she licenced with a PAL?
    If not … it’s a good thing I’m not her neighbour.

  2. Of course not and of course not. There aren’t any neighbors for two miles in any direction.

    And I knew you’d catch that, Metro. Gramma is strictly rum and ginger, though.

  3. Ha! Now you got me singing “Grandma’s got a gun”.

    I will never forgive my husband for making me get a gun card – yuk! Now I fit into these deep woods we moved into.

    At least before people were joking around that I was marching around the house with an axe guarding my 3 daughters.

  4. Sehr geEhrte Regen=Coaster

    …. errr … just remind of your views on Anti-disestablishmenterianism …. and whether Gross-Britannien should join NAFTA … to enable to register my Agreement fifthwith before I have a potentially wounding divergence de l’opinion

    Your obedient & apprehensive servant etc

    G Eagle

    PS Spelling !

    >*&!! Neighbor @@@@\\

    Always remember, Junior Eagles also read your Excellent Blog !!!!

  5. I hope he can drive if she keeps shooting him, it may come in useful in getting to the hospital ;-)

    Cheney’s got a gun….

    Hey – at least that smack that song is out of my head now..

    awww damn it! it’s back again.

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