The military/industrial complex loves me, this I know, for Tony Blair tells me so. Terrorists to him belong: they are weak but he is strong.

Sound familiar?

THEY are watching!

Look familiar?

Never Forget

Never forget: we once walked on our own two feet instead of on our knees.

14 thoughts on “THEY ARE WATCHING!

  1. Sehr geEhrte Regen=Coaster

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes [who polices the policemen]

    Perhaps this is an area of Life in which you & your divers Supporters (including the perceptive & incisive Herr NeuMenschia) have no experience, but it comes over to me that:

    1. when you are proposing to arrange the Arrest of a fellow-Citizen, identity cards have a well-nigh irresistible Intellektuel Attraction

    2. however, if you now have grouhds to be apprehesive that you will be the Citizen facing arrest, Identity Cards seem to lose their brilliancy

    In Inglaterra, we have a profoundly non-Christian Government – the mask is increasingly beginning to slip from its Smiling Face, as it passes Regulations (eg in Northern Ireland with minimal consultation & expecting to have no Parliamentary scrutiny) which allow the Citizen to have any view he/she likes, provided ity is the Government’s ill-considered & illiberal views

    eg this expects Christians to encourage & connive at Homosexual practices) or face severe civil penatlies which will untimately preclude Christans from Cvic Life

    How easy is it to get Political Asylum in Canuckistan ??

    Your obedient (but apprehensive) servant etc

    G Eagle

  2. Thats really interesting as you know there are parts of it that i have some sympathy with . Other parts are comical .Of course Marxism looks attractive on paper .As a Conservative I distrust all overly emotional appeals although less so than infantile Marxist formulas.

    No doubt about it though there is some good stuff here . I wonder if I can get the right enclaves I inhabit to discuss the diffreence between a fascist and a right wing Tory. There is all the diffference in the world.
    Anarchism of a certain sort can sound a lot like fascism …Se x Pistols and Punks of that time were closely assoctade with Fascists.The threat to our Liberty does not come from the right however it comes form the statist left which is indeed becoming much like the corporatist states of Mussolini and Hitler by obliterating sub state organisation and cuddling big business.

    I bridle at the adolescent use of Nazi paraphenalia to close down debate right of the establishment Liberal and left . I have listening to it ever since I was at University and it has always been a means for the stupid to appear to engage when they lack the understanduing to do so


    Thanks for the link though I will try to do something with it . I wish you did more politics sometimes . Its the only time I understand whats going on

  3. And, should anyone wish to take political refuge in Canuckistan I can assure you that it is quite easy. One must, however, be prepared to pay an average tax burden of 66%; this fact alone generally shuts up the “I’m tired of high council taxes, I’m going to the Wild West” greedonauts. For socialists, there is no better place. Welcome, comrades!

  4. If you can get out to see “Children of Men”, I highly recommend it. The poster reminded me of that movie. And I don’t think your use of the Nazi symbolism was “adolescent.”

  5. Neither do I, thanks. It’s the poster from V for Vendetta, in Evie’s boss’s secret room.

    The left/right debate is, while time honoured, entirely irrelevant to the real issue here, which is the creeping fascism that is taking over the so-called free world. Right or left, those in control are willing to do anything, no matter how heinous, to retain control and now, for the first time in a very long time, the public appears more than willing to go along with it. I expect no better of the vested interests, but I do expect more of the people. My mistake.

    “Children of Men” has made buzz like no other movie I’ve ever heard of. I think I will have to see it now.

    Maikopunk, I have that exact same copy of The Great Gatsby. That, too, ended badly, although the end was fascinating to watch.

  6. I have to say, Newmania, that the use of ideological labels, at least in this part of the world, as a mechanism for shutting the mouths of those unwilling to toe party lines, has been, pre-emintently, a tool of the Bush administration.

    To a marked degree those affiliated with it branded anyone opposed to their actions (i.e. anyone who felt for example that invading Iraq was a very bad idea, given its total unrelation to The War Against Terror) as “traitors”, “Islamofascists” and worse. And this abuse was not reciprocated, if only because liberals have to be inclusive and listen to loonies on both sides.

    If debate has been stifled, particularly in the US, it has been by conservatives. Unfortunately this means that now that liberal voices are finally being heard, the valid points of the opposition are likely to be swept away with the garbage by association.

    This is a loss not only for conservativism, but for civilised society.

  7. I love being busy. My secretary Metro takes care of everything while I’m gone!

    Don’t worry, Samaha. Bush is out in two more years and Kennedy is determined to cut him off at every opportunity. I say he should take a job as the Presidential chauffeur!

  8. Wandering Coyote – I wish I were young enough to be accused of being “adoloscent”

    Meanwhile, Metro should be of good courage & keep up the good word – folk are listening and right/kindness will prevail eventually

    Alles Gute

    G E

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