Donnie Davies: the dream is over

 Joey Oglesby/Donnie Davies?

So it is over.

Or is it? Can these unconfirmed internet natterings really be the truth? Can Donnie Davies, merciless scourge of teh gheys and flaming beacon of Fundie righteousness, actually be nothing less than the fiendish creation of the devious and twisted mind of some underemployed and presumably oversexed Dallas musical theatre artiste?

But we can’t be too hard on Joey Oglesby. Haven’t we all gone deep inside ourselves and spent many a happy hour inventing the man of our dreams? Donnie Davies, pink-shirted paragon, international Internet sensation, a man with a sweet way with a musical and a six-string woody, and flaming brand of Christian uprightness, is quite a catch by any measure. And it wouldn’t be the first time some internet guy ended up with nothing more than an imaginary friend.

Donnie if you’re still out there somewhere: We’ll always have the comments section.

Actor Joey Oglesby pawed Serber as a football player in Debbie and gets to do it again as one of the dancing Aggies visiting the Best Little Whorehouse. When director Lemons told Oglesby he’d be wearing a jockstrap, and little else, for one of the numbers, the actor headed for the gym. “I have my 10-year high school reunion coming up, too, so I guess that’s a good thing,” he says. “I’ve never been opposed to taking off my clothes for laughs.”

A Baylor grad who’s also part of the Second Thought Theatre company, Oglesby says his Southern Baptist parents are “pretty open-minded” but refused to see Debbie Does Dallas, which was several notches raunchier than Whorehouse.

Maybe best not to tell them, or Zindler, who’s still on the air at Houston’s ABC station, that CTD occupies a two-story building off Lower Greenville Avenue that formerly served as a house of worship.

Says Sue Loncar, “Yep, we’ve put the hos in church. We’re probably all going to hell for that.” Donnie Davies: the dream is over
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10 thoughts on “Donnie Davies: the dream is over

  1. Drag queens are already heeled, based upon observation.

    Of course, most televangelists are already heels.

    The purpose of the latter is to get crushed beneath the feet of the former. I’m sure there’s some sort of message there.

  2. Thanks so much for the support, everybody. I tell you what, mysterious electronic attacks, phone calls from untracable numbers that claim to be the U.S. Postal Service offering to deliver lost packages and an enormous amount of hate mail is enough to make any Minister shrink from God’s mission. But I tell you friends, we can’t let ourselves be intimidated by the influence of a few well placed psychopaths. Liberty is the foundation of this Nation Under God and the people have the right to chose their own messages and have the right to read them as well.

    Some people might think this is some kind of this is some kind of organized conspiracy against the message of the Westboro Baptist Church. I didn’t realize when I wrote my song that it might compete with their message. I mean, I was utterly clueless to that. Now that the DJs keep asking me about it I had to think about it and I think people in America have a right to chose their own message. That’s not the same thing as censorship. No one has a right to utterly control what you see, what you hear and what you think. That’s fundamentally anti-American and you should fight it with a resolve that strikes to the very core of your being even if it risks everything you have, otherwise America risks losing everything it is and should be.

    First MySpace deleted my account and now they have deleted the account of our band. First they censored me and now they’ve censored people I’m connected to. If you are a MySpace user, don’t allow this. Every one of you who believes in the Freedom of Expression, whether you like our song or not, needs to step up to bat. This is the time. Now.

  3. Rock on, Donnie! Thanks for the post; I’m going to re-post it separately as well, so those who don’t read comments can see it too.

    I’ll send it to BoingBoing. That might do some good. Have you contacted the Electronic Frontier Foundation? They’re all OVER this kind of thing, and they have lawyers!

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