one reason to love blogger

and ONLY one.

And that, only for the literal-minded.

I get a chuckle and a gleam in my eye every time I see the following. Can you guess why?

Blogger comment box

Here‘s a clue.

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19 thoughts on “one reason to love blogger

  1. Clearly your loyal readers don’t see the joke.

    As a traitorous and undependable reader, though, I have no compunction in pointing this out. Too subtle honey. There are many little funny things about Bloogle, some which are actually ha-ha funny, others that just piss you off.

    Which is it that’s giving you the conniptions?

  2. Dear Christian

    I hope your littlest Magic’s hand is soon recovered – you may not believe me, but they do actually get even more magic as they grow bigger

    With my Humour-Deficit (or humOr, as you North-AmeriKans so quaintly spell it) I am struggling, even with the incisive Monsieur Metro’s hints

    Is the Squid-championette giving us a Hint by typing XaoH backwards and then asking us to look hard at the Picture !?

    Yr obedt servt etc

    G E

  3. Ah. I see. I saw the quote. But I’d argue that taking on an identity is something we do in the act of creating anything at all on the net. There have been famous misrepresentations, lots of pranks, etc.

    For that matter, my driver’s license does not say “Metro”. Except out here on the superhighway.

  4. Ah, humour is to be found in restating the appallingly obvious!

    Scribbles note in manuscript copy of Blogging for Dummkopfs.

  5. Late, as usual, but I care not for false identity. I care for being able to comment. Is it only me or is everyone on wordpress, or maybe it is firefox, or maybe even Blogger itself, ummm – let me start again – I cannot comment on blogger because I don’t get shown a code. Anyone else having the problem?

  6. I thought the joke was the person-in-a-wheelchair icon used for audio assistance, but couldn’t see how that fit in with the Oscar Wilde thing.

    Which might help you, Archie, if you’re not getting a visual code. Click on the blind guy in the wheelchair.

    I get the code but sometimes have to put it in 2-3 times before it’s accepted, which seriously adds to the gaaaaaaa!!! factor of posting comments on Blogger. I mean, the first annoying thing is that when you go to comment you lose the original post, so you either have to open up a second window or have a photographic memory. Meanwhile, you can’t get Blogger comments on RSA feeds, so you have to keep hunting down old posts that you’ve commented on to see if any new comments have been made. And then go through all the identity creating stuff. Snore.

    I’d say the ONLY good thing about Blogger is that they have a preview button.

  7. Archie, there are reports from all around the blogosphere that Blogger’s CAPTCHA stupid initials thingy isn’t working recently. Nor, apparently, is their handicapped workaround.

    But I’m not buying the bit about not caring about your identity. Is not Archie a nomdayplume? You could sign in as George W. Bush and nobody would know.

    Blogger has a preview button? But what would you use that for? Who wants to stay there a second longer than they have to?

  8. raincoaster, thanks for the info – while archie is technically a nomdayplume it has been my net identity for over a decade now. I have times when I no longer respond offline to my offline name! Geo W Bush could sign in but he wouldn’t know he had done it!

    hmh, I always ctrl C any message I’m leaving on “blacker” just in case it stuffs up.

  9. So I’m trying out coComment, which looks rather cool and says it works with Blogger and guess what? It doesn’t. Works fine with WordPress though. Why am I not surprised.

  10. Strange. Lloyd works for WordPress so you’d almost think he’d have a vested interest in recommending something that makes Blogger look clunky…but he’s not like that. Naw.

  11. I most regularly use coComment on WordPress, Typepad, MT, and Blogger. Strange that it does not want to work for you. Maybe, Blogger and you do not get along?

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