Nine Inch Nails: Survivalism

The latest key to the conspiracy…distributed in USB drives at the London show, March 7th.

Or so they say…

Hmmm, definitely not my favorite NIN song, but the worst thing is…oh god…is Trent actually wearing that badge of the clueless, the Hipster Hijab?

Sure, he’s still hot, but je suis ainsi mortifié!

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17 thoughts on “Nine Inch Nails: Survivalism

  1. I dunno. The first thing I’d do if I saw him is rip off the scarf.

    Of course, the second thing I’d do is rip off the pants, but that’s neither here nor there.

  2. Yeah, the scarf… that’s not a good look for him. The song’s ok. Liked the video… appropriately spooky with sexual and violent overtones. Classic trent…

  3. The first thing I’d do if I saw him is rip off the scarf.,,, LOL

    Here I thought you might like this one, I learned late of your Trent Love… this is one of my favorites


  4. Thanks, I haven’t seen/heard that one.

    I learned of my Trent love late as well; only a few months ago. I dunno how I managed NOT to hear NIN before, but I managed it.

    This is my fave NIN vid, and it’s actually a mashup: Star Trek Kirk Spock slash, set to “Closer”.

    Samaha, I’m just horrified that New York hipsters have adopted the keffiyah as a trendy item without knowing what it represents. How many of them would be willing to go to the Palestinian territory and fight for it? Trent should, presumably, know what it stands for and thus his wearing of it when it’s become a pointless fashion item (like Madonna’s wearing crosses) is just a sour note. Then again, perhaps it relates to the overarching 911/paranoid tone of the entire Year Zero project and I am the one who’s not getting it.

    Need more parepin…

  5. I’m not impressed by the song. Sounds like he’s trying to do a stripped down cover of Perfect Drug only without the fun.
    Or something.
    Plus I like the scarf…so screw you.
    (presumably it is in support of Palestine…it hasn’t really become trendy here apart from among the more politically aware…so maybe that’s my perspective).

  6. Possibly. I hope so. I’d hate to think Trent Reznor was a slave to fashion…or anything.

    But I agree about the song. The video is good, as X said, but the song just doesn’t compel the way the best NIN does. It doesn’t roar with authenticity, it feels like something that he did because he had to put a piece in here to connect two other dots or something.

  7. Yup, weak.
    I never did listen to With Teeth. Did that turn up anything great?

    (And incidentally…I love the fact that whenever I even think about NIN I end up listening to a whole album…very few bands have that effect on me).

  8. I’ve never heard With Teeth either, so I am clueless. I’m still working my way through Pretty Hate Machine…what can I say? I came to NIN ten years too late.

    There’s a YouTube of Trent from 1985, when he was in a Cleveland band called Exotic Birds. Hi-Larious! The hair! The clothes! The Moog!

  9. woooowwwwww Fuck all of you!!! I love his scarf and i want it really bad!!! like im googling it right now. And I think this is one of my favorite songs by NIN. I think he should stay more to this normal stuff then his old ways with his fucked up hair and goth look! jews!

  10. ? I’m looking around and I’m not seeing any Jews, but I do see an Anti-Semite.

    Kid, you’re a year too late for the scarf thing, but I hear Rachel Ray is getting rid of hers.

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