Operation Global Media Domination: all I want is you…and you’re looking damn fine lately…

Best of Blogs finalist badgeYour humble blog servant – say, have you cut your hair? Something about you looks just so remarkably alive lately, we’ve all been meaning to tell you – begs to draw your attention – seriously, are you working out? You must be doing something right; your skin just glows – to the fact that a dear, dear friend of yours – really, you can bunk with us anytime, we’ll even clear out the Haunted Chamber for you – and a loyal blogreader except if you’re not a blogger in which case we pore over your comments (or silences as the case may be) as if they were morsels of gold from the lips of the Buddha himself, is a finalist in the Best of Blogs competition and humbly petitions for your consideration.

Vote here, pretty please with a cherry and the naked
celebrity/obscurity of your choice on top

You have only till midnight EDT, Friday, April 13,
so don’t delay, vote today!

Have I mentioned that I give marvelous head?

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41 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: all I want is you…and you’re looking damn fine lately…

  1. Oh, perish the thought. Did I mention that for the last two weeks I’ve been tied up in a pit while PIRATES, dastardly PIRATES took over my blog!?!?! Isn’t that horrible? But don’t worry about me, don’t give it another thought; the doctors say I’ll get out of the hospital just as soon as they can confirm that the grafts have taken and I’m not rejecting the new lungs…

  2. “Marvellous”? This isn’t what I’m hearing–or more accuarately, seeing spray-painted, down around the Salvation Army mission.

    And I know what you’re thinking–but actually I’m down there ministering to the occasional drunk whose wallet contents have thrown him sufficiently off-balance to pitch him headlong into the gutter, with only the smallst assistance.

  3. Merci bien. It’s not the world’s most authoritiative competition, and the prizes are essentially useless to me (I’ll just pass them on to engtech to use as prizes or something) but it’s fun to compete.

  4. If I could afford a bottle of tequila, do you think I’d be sober enough to campaign so hard?

    Oh, BLOG tequila. Done!

    I await the landslide with humility and gratitude, as always.

  5. I see a way out of your dillemma – if Cthulhu gets head, then HE’s been eaten first and all threats of world destruction are off.

    My superhero should have been Daniel Webster, I tell ya . . . .

  6. But FFE, that would mean there’d be no world destruction, and it would be throwing away all we’ve worked for lo, these many millennia!

    Cute Overload is only the most successful of our initiatives to clear off the earth and drive everyone to gibbering insanity. Lolcats too.

  7. You’ve got my vote, beotch….I mean, how much more can thee worship? You inspire me to walk over to my Korg Triton and break out the second level hymns book and play: Ohhh, Raincoaster, Walk With Thee….and, Kumbaya, the Rain, Kumbaya…..Glory, Glory, Rain, and you get the point, not to mention a ditty to Queen and my own personal nomination for first tag.

  8. Boy, you really want that head, don’t you? (also, I misread that as “fist” tag).

    Also, I’ll get to the tag, sorry about the delay. I’m way behind on my posts after what, three or four weeks of internet interruptus.

  9. Oh no, I don’t really go that way! But you could offer me a nice bottle of Canadian Ice Wine!

    Don’t worry about the tag, it was supposed to have been five people, I only wrote up three.

  10. I tagged you again. I should borrow some of your blog friends and tag them instead so you don’t endure the endless slew and agony of memes.

  11. I’m far too lazy to respond to tags actually. I figure if I blow off enough of them people will just give up on me that way. Mind you, if it’s really cool I may do it after all (connect the tats on a nekkid Trent Reznor, etc).

  12. I wish them luck. I see now why you’re smuggling me booze: so I’ll get drunk and say yes! An old trick, but it rarely fails (on me at least!).

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