air sex: the video

Like air guitar, but with sex.

Yes, this is safe for work but not for dignity. Watch and enjoy…or go fetal with sympathetic embarassment, as these all-too-obvious virgins compete for the glory (?) of being named Best Air Sexer. Surely here is captured the Zeta Male‘s finest moment; my particular favorite is the one who mimes turning the pages.

From Japanorama, via Japan Probe.

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16 thoughts on “air sex: the video

  1. But yet they revel in it. The Japanese are a very strange people. Mind you, there was a HUGE furry convention at Metrotown on Halloween, so Burnabians are no strangers to strangeness too.

  2. Burnabians and the Japanese … are we talking about different people? Have you been to Metrotown?

    You gotta get out of the tenderloin more.

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