pic o’ the day: parenting lite

segway into parenting 

This is rather reminiscent of those “condensed bedtime stories” designed so that busy parents won’t have to spend much of their precious time with their precious offspring. Looks like somebody needs a little lecture on safety and a large one on not looking like an ass in public.

Where does she put the latte?

From a livejournal of faraway and exotic Seattle, via reddit.

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7 thoughts on “pic o’ the day: parenting lite

  1. Seriously. At least this will get back to her: the Segway owning community is pretty tight.

    Someone pointed out that everyone worries that those bike trailers aren’t safe for kids, but it’s actually those wee seats behind the cyclist that are more dangerous. They fall from a much higher height. And you see so many kids without helmets, too!

  2. Good gravy! What an irresponsible idiot!

    I also shudder when I see kids in those behind-the-cyclist kiddie seats without a helmet. Which is about half the time. Likewise when parents have their babies sitting on their laps in cars. I just want to give them such a smack!

  3. Her Grace the Marchioness de WhH under B de La Z

    Your Grace

    It is unsuitalbe for a GenteMan (or a GentleEagle) to comment on a Lady’s shape, but Mother & Child look fairly safe, unless threatened by a velocitudinous Chelsea Tractor which might happen to thunder by (in which case a Safety Helmet would afford little security)

    …. but I wish I had had one of those Powered-Wheelie Things when in another time & another place the Junior-Eagles and Miss Eaglette were a reasonable, manageable size

    Now that the Junior Eagles are now looking down on their diminutive Father, aspirations are narrowing to the day when this Eagle is in the Buggy (with a Safety Helmet) under propulsion from a Junior-Eagle careering around the Metropolis on one of those Wheelie-Things

    Your Grace’s lowly servant etc

    G Eagle

  4. It’s not safe: look at the leverage she’s got on that top bar of the stroller. No way can she control it safely at any speed with one hand when her feet are on a mobile device rather than solid ground. I wouldn’t even lead a dog from a Segway, and that’s if you could get me on the ridonkulous thing in the first place.

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