photoshop challenge: things on my sleeping Jakeypoo

Jakeypoo, snoozing adorably 

Stole this one from Defamer, who stole the pic from Towelroad. Take this adorable picture of Cute Overload-level scrumptious sweetie Jake Gyllenhaal napping on a train and use your lolgoth-honed skillz to photoshop additional and preferably amusing things to it.

The #1 thing I’d want to put on Jakeypoo is, of course, myself, but that might startle the poor lad into wakefulness. Them tentacles is a-cold!

Let’s see what ya got. Because you can’t post images in comments, drop a link to the sordid product of your twisted desires and we shall happily post it here, properly blam- Attributed! As always, the prize is eternal raincoastery glory in all its tentacled fabulousness, rather than, say, cash or actual proximity to said Jakeypoo.

He’s mine, he is!

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7 thoughts on “photoshop challenge: things on my sleeping Jakeypoo

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  2. The paparazzi are everywhere. What I don’t understand is why one would want to continue building on their voyeuristic snap shots.

  3. That’s not a paparazzo: it’s a fellow train passenger, who did not get nor did he ask for money for his shot.

    I tend to think that anything done in public, including napping, is fair game for public exposure. It keeps people honest.

    Jeremy, I wish!

    Steven: all right, but I’ll be watching you. “Thoughts from the borders” eh? The borders of what, Islington? I thought you lived in London now.

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