the most 80’s music video of all time?

You tell me. Presenting Pat and Mick, of whom I have never heard, performing their apparent non-hit I Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet. Note omnipresent ambiguous, yet powerful, sexuality, along with the presence of two Robert Palmer dancers, a great number of apparently gay boys with great asses and pleated pants, and perhaps the most heinous unironic mullet I’ve ever seen. As one of the commenters said, “Looks like an Afghan Hound trying to have sex with a Geography Teacher.”

The only real competition for this title that I can see is this classic. We are strong, dammit, and we have fabulous accessories!

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18 thoughts on “the most 80’s music video of all time?

  1. That would be Robert PALMER dancers…
    raincoaster EDIT: Good catch, quite right. Updated. I’m glad you gave me the head’s up: FFE would never have let me forget that one.
    Hey, all those mullets look alike to me.

  2. Oh my god Pat and Mick! Unfortunately I do remember this. Pat was a kids TV presenter in the UK and was famous for the mullet he sported. I haven’t played the video above but can hear it in my head already. Damn you raincoaster!

    Pat Benatar? Awesome. Managed to “woo” my wife with that and Patrick Swayze’s She’s Like The Wind. :)

  3. Actually, I have a weakness for that song too. I think all women do. And EVERYBODY loves Pat Benatar. Did you know she studied opera at Juilliard?

  4. I think that may be true on more levels than we can know.

    Actuall, Pat there looks like a cross between William H Macy and Saint Bob Geldof on a good day.

    So they were called ‘The Dynamic Duo’ were they? Scratch the word “Ambiguous” from the above blog post. I think that settles that; well, that and the way they make eyes at each other.

  5. and talking of haircuts, this video from Haircut 100 is a beauty. Tucking large jumpers into baggy trousers has never looked so good:

  6. No idea, but I’d bet that even THEY won’t step up and accept responsibility at this point. Only a LARGE amount of cocaine could have coaxed anyone, ever, into thinking this was a good idea.

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  8. In that context, it means this is a pingback. Generally it means stuff has been left out. In this case it means the beginning of Juvenal’s post has been left out.

    Giving up amphetamines is a good thing. You doubt? Come to my neighborhood and I’ll show you a few sixteen year olds who look sixty. We might even find a body.

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