Boba Fett crashes wedding

fans unite!

In a move that simultaneously thrilled fans around the galaxy and opened up a new revenue stream for the aging actor, Jeremy Bulloch , the original Boba Fett, crashed the wedding of Rose Coe and Jonathan Wollack. Wollack, who was costumed as Boba Fett himself at the time, was a good sport about it, at least as far as we could tell under the helmet. From KnoxNews, via Fark.

When fiancee Rose Coe, dressed as Sarah from the movie “Labyrinth,” approached the altar, Wollack simply smiled. Even the gaggle of curious onlookers didn’t faze the soon-to-be husband.

Midway through the Louisville couple’s sci-fi/fantasy-themed wedding, everything changed.

Ordained minister Corey “Atim” Miller, dressed as an Imperial Officer, asked if there were any objections to the marriage. From the back of the crowd, another Boba Fett yelled, “Yes!” rushed to the stage and pushed Wollack aside.

Then, to the astonishment of Wollack and the loud cheering of Coe and the audience, the intruder lifted his helmet to reveal his true identity: Jeremy Bulloch, the actor who portrayed Boba Fett in some of the “Stars Wars” movies.

Bulloch was among the celebrities taking part in the nearby AdventureCon.

“That’s a really big deal,” Wollack said afterward, “at least to a ‘Star Wars’ fan.”

And yes, the guests were all costumed fans as well, so for once not just the bride but everyone was dressed as a virgin.

11 thoughts on “Boba Fett crashes wedding

  1. Actually, judging by the complexity and the massive number of hours that must have gone into those suits, most of the guests paid more for their dress-up than the bride.

  2. Oh you know they did not come up with those costumes just for the wedding, those were hanging in their closets already.

  3. Well, I cannot be harsh here, on no notice I can show up as Red Sonja [the comic not the movie], Lady Godiva, any goth or barbarian chick in general, Mary Poppins [the book not the movie], or Sailor Moon.

    I do not think I would go to my own wedding like that though. Wait, let me think about that… okay some of the goth stuff sort of rocks and definitely the floor length blonde look is fun. Hmm.

  4. Git OUT! Red Sonja? No wonder you’re so popular! All I can manage is a cobbled-together Elfquest outfit.

    There are two goth shops here that do a great bridal business. I’d definitely be a goth bride, if I could find some poor fool I felt like victimizing for the rest of my life.

  5. Jessica! Language please: there are ladies present.

    Also: if you had any idea to whom you were speaking, you’d piss yourself. Now hurry up and get dressed: you’re late for Brownies.

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