the Brits solve the perennial sex-with-uglies problem!

The duke and dutchess of BoltonSurely no nation ever had a better incentive; in a world of readily available international travel and corrective lenses, pure-blooded Brits are in danger of dying out altogether.

For good reason.

Now, that font of all wisdom the Sun has revealed the solution, and the odds are it lies within your easy grasp, if you happen to be reading this blog in your kitchen or in the checkout line at the supermarket (where it would fit very well between Batboy Goes to College on News of the World and How Jen’s Ovaries Are Holding Up on People).  Just bag it.

Bagging, or masking, is a fetish that’s being taken up by couples looking for daring ways to spice up their love life.

One of the pair agrees to have their head covered during sex.

Note that double-bagging with plastic is not recommended, particularly if you’re a popular and talented Conservative MP in charge of the morality crusade. Connect this with the Socks for Sex post we did earlier and voila! The key to sexual success in England: just put a bag on each end and away you go.


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