web zen: R.A.W. zen

You want Zen?

You can’t handle Zen, motherfucker.

who is cadeveo, yo

Whatever you call them, you are wrong.
Whatever they call you, they are wrong.


Now, dear one, tell me: where do you call to? And to whom?
The true call is silent and there is no misunderstanding it
once your ears are tuned to hear it.

by Waking the Midnight Sun

channeling the late, lamented and demented Robert Anton Wilson

Who is RAW?

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12 thoughts on “web zen: R.A.W. zen

  1. Some confusion, I think. R.A.W. didn’t write the aphorisms. I did, in his spirit. If they’re good enough to be mistaken for his work, then that’s an honor in itself. But I still wanted to clear that up!



  2. Ah! I’ll look for one to send your way. I’ll have to decide whether it will show my “face” or not. I’ve been enjoying a pseudonymous existence for a few months and will have to decide whether or not I want to give away the bag, you know.

    Off to do what I do in the evenings, but I’ll have something for you later tonight.

    peace, raincoaster,


  3. Alas, I missed mention of RAW’s passing, being lost in a desert at the time.

    I burned out over 50% of my brain cells reading “The Illuminati” trilogy back in the ’70’s. Not that I remember much about the 70’s because I was there.

    The eschaton has been immanentized. All Hail, Eris

  4. Zany zen stuff…My original site has the same link, but I refuse to let go, so to speak. I highly recommend scanning through the 1,200 plus comments on his passing. An eschatology of anarchism and rapid dog chaos theory…And some lovely sentiment, too. RAW was the back end of the beat gen, yo. Not everyday someone like that comes around this part of the galaxy, whichever one were in these days…

  5. I loved the man, but he wasn’t the world’s greatest writer. As a raconteur and catalyst, he was amazing, but not for love nor money would I plough through the Illuminati Trilogy again.

  6. Maybe fiction wasn’t his strongest suit…Prometheus Rising is a great little book filled with pop-psychology, Jungian mysticism, occultism and exercises for your brain. RAW did a lot of that. Would certainly qualify him as a “catalyst”. As to the raconteur angle, he knew just about every odd American “discordian” floating around in the last 40 years, so covered that as well. I wrote of his passing in January, here.

  7. Haven’t read Prometheus Rising, but I’ll keep an eye out for it. There are lots of alternative used bookstores and old hippies around Vancouver.

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