Sex and the City and the Matrix?

I must have missed that episode. Tell me, dear reader, would Carrie Bradshaw and Neo not have the dumbest, most perfectly styled baby of all time? Also, if that ain’t Laurence Fishburne, who the fuck is it? I recognize the White Rabbit.

Stolen from Cat’s blog.

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11 thoughts on “Sex and the City and the Matrix?

  1. Notice, if you watch all the way to the end, the unimpressed roll of the eyes (“Oh god, how many more spoofs of myself do I have to watch!”) from Mr. Wooden himself.

  2. nish, glad you liked it.
    Lori: saw that. Keanu is by all reports a sweet boy and will remain so till the day he dies, like many an institutionalized person. But yeah, it’s got to get a little wearing.
    WC, yeah. He looks bloated and bug-eyed to me, like he smells like the bottom of a pub ashtray on Sunday at dawn. Now Jeremy Piven, that’s a different story. The Pivert could skank it up all over the world and I would still go all swoony.

  3. Her Grace the Marchioness of W under B etc

    Your Grace

    As Trinity said to Neo, “it’s the question that drives us”

    Does Gordon in fact live 2 lives

    * one in which he is a law-abiding, respectable, highly over-paid servant of the Crown, preaching the Gospel of Resisting Global Warming, with Government chauffeurs to drive him to & from the Palace in a big gas-guzzling Automobiles, while he increases other people’s taxes and lawfully finds ways of increasing his & other MPs’ expenses


    * another covert life (far away from photo-opportunities with smiling African Children) where he secretly helps his elderly Landlady with her Garbage

    Can Gordon now deliver those Rooineks to the Matrix, now that the distorting influence of Cruella is removing away from the Centre of the Universe and is to focus (not fo’c’s’le, dammit) on the Middle East

    Yr Grace’s obedt servt etc

    G Eagle

  4. It’s handy for visiting Mark in prison, I guess.

    Is Cherie actually leaving? I can see Blair going, but I figured they’d have to pry her out of that house with crowbars.

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